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Maxine Lee

Maxine Lee
Maxine was born in Liverpool where she still lives with her partner and their two boys. After gaining an HND in Multimedia Arts and a BA Honours in Digital Arts in 2004, she went on to teach a range of creative subjects before concentrating on her freelance career as an author/illustrator. Unable to let go of college life, she also works part-time as a technician in a brilliant art department in St. Helens. In her spare time, Maxine enjoys doing anything except keeping still.

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Sorry Dad!
This quirky picture book follows a cheeky cat and his long-suffering dad. They are the bestest friends, but sometimes the little cat gets in a bit of trouble…
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Who's the most rascally rat to sail the seas? Meet Pi-Rat and his swashbuckling crew as they embark on an adventure aboard the Soapy Dodger...
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