About us

Little Tiger was founded in 1987. We started life as a publisher of picture books and grew organically, gradually exploring different formats and genres, always innovating and focused on producing beautiful, engaging books for children and young people.

Today we publish a huge range of formats and genres, striving to create a diverse range of high-quality books, with something that will appeal to every reading taste, helping children develop a passion for books and a life-long love of reading. This includes:

Board books for the very young – innovative, interactive novelty books which help babies and young children make sense of the world around them through reading, playing and learning.

Picture books – humorous, touching and imaginative fully colour-illustrated books which provide a satisfying reading experience for child and parent alike. We work with a roster of much-loved authors and illustrators, as well as regularly welcoming and developing new writers and artists.

Chapter books and longer novels – commercial fiction for six-year olds to teens. With an emphasis on highly-illustrated series fiction for younger readers and a growing number of stand-alone titles for older children, some of our most popular characters have been loved by readers for over a decade but we continue to launch debut writers every season.

Non-fiction – accessible and unique factual books, ensuring the highest production values and attention to creative detail. Each book is unique in subject and presentation style, what links them is a thoughtful and creative approach to presenting amazing information.

We are committed to creating books which are inclusive and representative of the diverse identities and communities of our readers.

Since 2019 we have been owned by Penguin Random House.