Acquisition Announcement: New Middle Grade adventure series by author, Sufiya Ahmed 

Posted in Acquisition Announcement on Thu, 2 March at 5.07 pm

Little Tiger has acquired world rights for new Middle Grade adventure series by author, Sufiya Ahmed 

Little Tiger is delighted to announce the acquisition of Sufiya Ahmed’s exciting new series, THE TIME TRAVELLERS.

This new series for 8+ readers brings the past to life. Join three adventurous children as they travel to amazing places across the world and throughout history, meeting historical legends and learning more about themselves.

Mattie Whitehead, Senior Editor at Little Tiger, acquired world rights, all languages for two books from Sophie Gorell Barnes at MBA Literary Agency.  

Suhana, Mia and Ayaan are doing their best(ish) to work together on a school trip, but it’s not easy. They are NOT friends and being in parliament is weird! It gets EVEN WEIRDER when they find themselves in 1911! They are amazed to see people from all over the world taking part in women’s suffrage demonstration. Suhana wants to learn more, but Mia and Ayaan are anxious to get back. Then they lose each other… Will they be able to get back to the present, without changing the course of history forever?  

Sufiya Ahmed said:  

I am so excited for young readers to meet Suhana, Mia and Ayaan on their adventures through time. The Time Travellers think they know it all when it comes to British history, but the reality they encounter in the past has them questioning everything. I feel passionately about our British shared history, and Suhana, Mia and Ayaan make it their mission to bring it to light.” 


Mattie Whitehead commented:  

“There is still so much to explore when it comes to the past, and who better to introduce readers to fascinating history than Sufiya! Combining all her strengths, THE TIME TRAVELLERS is a fun and exciting series with brilliant characters and adventure (as well as being full of intrigue and discussion points!). I can’t wait to time travel with Suhana, Mia and Ayaan – readers are in for a treat!”


The first book in THE TIME TRAVELLERS series publishes in February 2024, followed by book two in Autumn 2024.