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Acquisition Announcement: I Am Strong Just Being Me, an empowering picture book from Laura Dockrill

Little Tiger has acquired I Am Strong Just Being Me, an empowering new picture book from award-winning author Laura Dockrill, illustrated by Kip Alizadeh.

Perry Emerson, Commissioning Editor at Little Tiger, acquired world rights from Jodie Hodges at United Agents, with illustrations being acquired from Mandy Suhr at Storywise. I Am Strong Just Being Me will publish in Spring 2025.

From the power of silence to the strength of an embrace, a curious young child explores the many different ways to be strong in this thought-provoking, beautifully illustrated book.

Perry Emerson, Commissioning Editor said:

It has been an incredible honour to work alongside Laura Dockrill and Kip Alizadeh, two hugely talented picture book makers, to create I Am Strong Just Being Me. Laura’s unmatched picture book voice, and Kip’s stunning, cleverly considered illustrations have come together to create a gorgeous book that works on many levels to convey a powerful, and empowering, message about the kinder, gentler and more empathetic ways we can be ‘strong’. We couldn’t be prouder to be publishing this book on the Little Tiger list.

 Laura Dockrill said:

We put a lot of pressure on young people to be ‘strong.’ This demand expects a lot from us, and I find sets off anxiety, trigger-shoots my nervous system and sends me into ‘fight or flight.’ But when I am kind to myself, I am able to cope better, to think clearer and to celebrate my efforts. I Am Strong Just Being Me is a book about being human, asking for help and leading with love. I hope that it will help my son navigate the world with softness and remind him that it’s ok to keep learning as we go. Kip has done the most beautiful job with the illustrations in capturing the metaphor of a garden to show how nature constantly learns to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity. This really is a group effort, and I’m so proud of this special book we’ve created.

Kip Alizadeh said:

I was inspired to make the illustrations for I Am Strong Just Being Me by my own experiences of non-traditional strength and resilience, especially what I witness in nature. I used sketches of trees, flowers, animals and people that I’ve drawn while out and about as reference for the artwork, and I based the character of Bean on myself as a child!

Little Tiger will publish I Am Strong Just Being Me in Spring 2025.

‘Everyone’s falling for Laura Dockrill’ VOGUE

Laura Dockrill is an award-winning writer from Brixton, South London.

Laura is the author of Angry Cookie and The Lipstick. Her first book for children, Darcy Burdock, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Book of The Year Prize and the Carnegie Medal, and her young adult novel Big Bones was shortlisted for the YA Book Prize 2018 and earned her plaudits like ‘Top 10 Literary Talent’ from The Times newspaper and Top 20 Hot Faces to Watch from Elle magazine.

Laura’s upcoming picture book Grey, illustrated by Lauren Child, publishes in May 2024.

Author social media handles

Instagram: @lauraleedockrill
Twitter/X: @LauraDockrill

Kip is an illustrator and visual artist. Recent projects include illustrating the Lambda Literary Award nominated The Wishing Flower written by AJ Irving. Kip is queer, Iranian and English and lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Illustrator social media handles

Instagram: @kipalizadeh
Twitter/X: @kipalizadeh

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Acquisition Announcement: NOT My Superpower, a brilliantly funny middle grade series by Nathanael Lessore

Little Tiger has acquired Nathanael Lessore’s brilliantly funny young middle grade series, NOT My Superpower, illustrated by Simran Singh.

Senior Commissioning Editor Mattie Whitehead has acquired Nathanael Lessore’s NOT My Superpower series. The deal for world all language rights in two books was struck with Clare Wallace at Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency. Whitehead will be editing alongside Karelle Tobias, Junior Editor.

Charlie Moyler, Art Director, acquired illustrations by Simran Singh from Davinia Andrew-Lynch at Curtis Brown, and Kat Cassidy, Junior Designer, will be designing the books.

Controlling the wind, smelling fear, farting colours… The people of Walsham can do it all! The WHOLE TOWN has been granted powers by a mysterious treasure, except for Sara. She can’t even levitate a squirrel!

But the school football trophy (and her best friend Georgie’s lucky charm) has been stolen, and powers or no powers, it’s up to her to find it and catch the criminal. And who knows – maybe Sara will discover her super skills in the process… (She certainly hopes she will!).

Mattie Whitehead and Karelle Tobias said:

Anyone who has read Nate’s books or has met him will know that his humour is next level. That humour combined with great characters, a twisty mystery and a dollop of silly superpowers makes this series an absolute treat. We’ve loved and laughed working on the series with Nate and we can’t wait for readers to meet Sara and her friends (and nemeses…) and discover their own superpowers.

Nathanael Lessore said:

Having grown up as the biggest superhero nerd, consuming anything DC or Marvel, it’s a dream come true to write my own superhero story with such a talented and thoughtful publisher behind me. My editors are just as playful and whacky with the ideas as I am, and Simran’s illustrations bring the characters and the world to life in a spectacularly fun way! Sara and her friends prove that being a hero is about more than just wearing a cape, and friendship is more effective than any superpower. 

Simran Singh said:

I’m so excited to work on this project and CAN’T WAIT ’til its release. I’ve loved designing the characters so far and I’m so looking forward to illustrating all their goofy scenes!

Little Tiger will be publishing Solving Crime is NOT my Superpower in March 2025, with book two, Time Travel is NOT my Superpower, to follow in Autumn 2025.

Nathanael Lessore was born in Camberwell, South East London, as one of eight children to French and Madagascan parents. Although he spent most of his life in Peckham, Nathanael has also lived in Paris, Strasbourg, and Singapore. Nathanael became a Marketing Executive after graduating from the University of East London, believing at the time that a Creative Writing degree destined him for a career in marketing. His debut Steady For This published in 2023 and is currently longlisted for the Branford Boase and Jhalak Prize, and shortlisted for the Yoto Carnegie Medal for Writing. Writing it gave him the opportunity to show his Southeast London childhood as the funny, warm, adventurous world that wasn’t always represented as such.

Author social media handles

Twitter/X: @NateLessore


Simran Singh is an illustrator and character designer based in East London. She has always been in awe of everything creative, especially when it comes to world-building and bringing characters to life!

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Acquisition Announcement: I’m Going to Make a Friend, the first ever picture book from Darren Chetty.

Little Tiger has acquired I’m Going to Make a Friend, the first ever picture book from Darren Chetty.

Maudie Powell Tuck, Senior Commissioning Editor at Little Tiger, acquired world rights from Rachel Mann at JULA (now at CAA) in a three-book deal. I’m Going to Make a Friend will publish in hardback in May 2025 and is illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat.

Sometimes it feels impossible to make a new friend. There are so many questions! Will they play how I want to play? Will they have other friends, or like me most of all? Will they hug me when I’m sad, or give me space? In the end, the only thing you can do is to dive in and give it a go.

Stephanie Stansbie, Editorial Director said:

We’re thrilled to be embarking on a relationship with philosopher and author Darren Chetty, who will offer young readers bold and refreshing new perspectives. In his first picture book, Darren cuts straight to the heart of the myriad of emotions – the vulnerability and courage – that it takes to form meaningful relationships. While Sandhya Prabhat’s bright, funny characters and magical illustrations illuminate this heart-warming, original take on the pursuit of friendship.

Darren Chetty said:

Friendships matter when we’re young – and they never stop mattering. I really wanted to write a story about moving house and making friends while also celebrating the power of the imagination. I hope that readers will find the space to enter into the world of the book.  I’m absolutely delighted to be working with Little Tiger on my first picture book!

Little Tiger will publish I’m Going to Make a Friend in May 2025.

Darren Chetty is a Welsh Indian South African Dutch Londoner. He teaches in primary schools and at university and writes for people of all ages. He loves football and music and collects children’s books, snow globes and toy robots.

Author social media handles: Instagram: @rapclassroom | Twitter/X: @rapclassroom

Sandhya Prabhat is an independent animator and illustrator based in the Bay Area, California, and is from Chennai, India. She holds an MFA Degree in Animation and Digital Arts from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from Stella Maris College.

Illustrator social media handles: Instagram and Twitter/X: @sandhyaprabhat 


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Acquisition Announcement: Eric Huang’s East Asian mythology-inspired series

Little Tiger has acquired Guardians of the New Moon – an adventurous young fiction series inspired by East Asian mythology from Eric Huang, illustrated by Quang and Liên.

Senior Commissioning Editor Mattie Whitehead acquired world rights for four books directly from the author. Whitehead will be working editorially with Charlotte Leung, Editorial Assistant. Kimberley Chen, Designer, acquired illustration rights from Doreen Thorogood at Good Illustration Agency.

Little Tiger will publish books one and two in January 2025, books three and four will follow.

The Jade Emperor is bored. Having just created the world, he wants something to pass the eternity of time! So, he comes up with a brilliant idea – a Great Race! All creatures on Earth will be invited to compete, from the tiny Rat to the great Water Dragon. And the first twelve to complete the race will have a year in the zodiac cycle named after them forevermore.

Temple cat Miaow finds himself (reluctantly) joining the race, where he meets Ming, a spirited and fiery nine-tailed fox determined to become his best friend. The reserved Miaow gradually warms to Ming but when Miaow begins to make other friends, Ming’s bubbling insecurity and impulsivity spill over, causing a series of accidents that disrupts the race and endangers the racers. Will the pair (and their friendship) make it to the finish line?

The first book tells the story of the Great Race – the twelve winners of which make up the Chinese zodiac – and introduces readers to the characters. The first two books will publish to coincide with Lunar New Year, and the series will see Ming and Miaow taking on their new roles as Guardians of the New Moon. Their job: to visit the titular animal at the start of each lunar new year and help ensure the success of that year. And so, the adventure continues…

Mattie Whitehead and Charlotte Leung said:

Packed with humour, magic and fun-filled adventure, we are so excited to be publishing the Guardians of the New Moon series. With Eric’s gorgeous writing and characters that bounce off the page, and beautifully illustrated by Quang and Liên, the series is a perfect celebration of East Asian mythology for younger readers. We can’t wait to join Ming and Miaow and see how the winners of the race cope with their newfound fame!

Eric Huang said:

When my sister and I were growing up in California, our dad told us bedtime stories based on East Asian legends his mother told him when he was a boy in China. He often made us the protagonists of these magical sagas, the ones saving the day after inadvertently wreaking havoc that shook heaven and earth. The Guardians of the New Moon series is inspired by these stories. They’re original adventures that mix the twelve animals of the Lunar Zodiac with magical creatures and unpredictable gods amidst the accidental chaos created by a young cat and nine-tailed fox.”

Quang and Liên said:

The story of the Great Race of Zodiac animals is popular in Asian culture – we grew up with it. It’s interesting to redraw them in a fun way. All of them – Miaow, Ming, Su, Tu Di Gong and the Jade Emperor – come alive in Eric Huang’s writing, we love reading their story. Their actions and expressions appear immediately to us when we read so we just move them onto the paper. And finally, through their story we learn that trying to achieve a goal is important, but the most important thing is finding true friends on the way.    

Eric Huang has always been fascinated by legends and lore. As a boy, he was determined to find real-life dragons, so he studied palaeontology at university. Reality didn’t live up to his Jurassic Park dreams, though, and he found himself working as secretary at Disney Publishing, launching a career in children’s books. Since then, Eric has held editor and publisher positions on three continents, including at Penguin Australia and Penguin UK. Eric lives in London with his boyfriend Brian and cat McNulty. He’s a podcaster, writer, and lecturer at City University of London’s Masters in Publishing programme.

Author social media handles: Twitter/X: @dinoboy89 | Instagram: @EricHuangBooks


From their Saigon studio, Quang and Liên work seamlessly as a duo, creating their stunning artwork using a mix of watercolour, acrylic and digital. Inspired by the folk culture of Vietnam and Asia, this incredibly talented award-winning Vietnamese author-illustrator partnership produce the most beautifully vibrant and poignant stories. Select clients include: Google, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Scholastic, Macmillan, Lerner, Workman, Little Tiger Press, Templar/Bonnier, Charlesbridge, What on Earth Books.

Illustrator social media handles: Instagram: @kaaillustration | Website:

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Acquisition Announcement: Desert Echoes, a propulsive YA novel from Stonewall Honor-winning author Abdi Nazemian.

Little Tiger has acquired Desert Echoes, a propulsive YA novel from Stonewall Honor-winning author Abdi Nazemian.

Mattie Whitehead, Senior Commissioning Editor at Little Tiger, acquired UK & Commonwealth rights from Charlotte Bodman at Rights People, on behalf of John Cusick and Chiara Panzeri at Folio Literary Management, for publication on 29th September 2024

Fifteen-year-old Kam is head over heels for Ash, the boy who swept him off his feet. But his family and best friend, Bodie, are worried. They struggle to understand Ash. He also has a habit of disappearing, at times for days. When Ash asks Kam to join him on a trip to Joshua Tree, the two of them walk off into the sunset … but only Kam returns.

Two years later, Kam is still left with a hole in his heart and too many unanswered questions. So it feels like fate when a school trip takes him back to Joshua Tree. On the trip, Kam wants to find closure about what happened to Ash, but instead finds himself in danger of facing a similar fate. In the desert, Kam must reckon with the truth of his past relationship – and the possibility of opening himself up to love once again.

Desert Echoes is a moving story about human resilience and connection from the author of Only This Beautiful Moment. Perfect for fans of Last Night at the Telegraph Club, The Great Godden and If You Still Recognise Me.

Mattie Whitehead, Senior Commissioning Editor said:

We were so proud to publish Only This Beautiful Moment in the UK last year, and with Desert Echoes I was similarly drawn into the story. Abdi writes so perfectly for YA readers – combining the everyday lives of teenagers with really important themes in such a natural and nuanced way. With thoughtful characters, intrigue and heart, readers will be gripped by Kam, Ash and Bodie’s story.

Abdi Nazemian said:

Desert Echoes is a deeply personal novel that explores the mystery and power of one of my favorite places, Joshua Tree. It’s an honor that Mattie and the Little Tiger team are bringing the book to one of my other favorite places, the UK. I hope readers in the UK and Commonwealth connect with this story about lost love, found love, and the healing that awaits us when we take the time to listen.  

Little Tiger will publish Desert Echoes in September 2024.

Abdi Nazemian is the author of Only This Beautiful Moment (a Stonewall Award Winner), Like a Love Story (a Stonewall Honor book), The Chandler Legacies and The Authentics. His novel The Walk-In Closet won the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Debut Fiction. His screenwriting credits include the films The Artist’s Wife and The Quiet, and the television series The Village and Ordinary Joe. He has been an executive producer and associate producer on numerous films, including Call Me by Your Name, Little Woods, and The House of Tomorrow. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband, their two children, and their dog, Disco. Find him online at

Author social media handles: Instagram: @abdaddy and Twitter/X: @abdaddy





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Acquisition Announcement – Flash of Neon, a dazzling teen story from Carnegie shortlisted author Sophie Cameron.  

Little Tiger has acquired world rights to Flash of Neon, a dazzling teen story from Carnegie shortlisted author Sophie Cameron.

Mattie Whitehead, Senior Commissioning Editor at Little Tiger, acquired world all-language rights directly from Sophie Cameron for publication in paperback and eBook in May 2025.

Laurie loves stories. She loves reading them in her mums’ bookshop in their small Scottish town. She loves sharing them with new readers. She also loves telling stories about people she’s not yet met and places she’s not yet been. But when one of these people comes crashing into Laurie’s world, it turns her whole life upside down.

Neon is the boy Laurie’s been dreaming of for the last six months, and he’s exactly as she had created him – down to his ability to play any instrument he picks up. And when he steps off the train and into Laurie’s world, he teaches her what it means to be real.

Flash of Neon is a fantastical story about imagination and friendship from the author of Away with Words.

Mattie Whitehead, Senior Commissioning Editor said:

With each of Sophie’s books I’ve been instantly drawn in, falling in love with the characters, and Flash of Neon did just that. Sophie combines real world, fantasy and important relatable themes with beautiful writing, and the result is another super special story. We can’t wait for readers to meet Laurie, Neon and the whole creative cast of characters… 

Sophie Cameron said:

I’ve absolutely loved working with Mattie, Karelle and the rest of the Little Tiger team on my previous teen books and I feel very lucky to get to publish another story with them. Flash of Neon has been really fun to write and I can’t wait to introduce it to readers next year!

Little Tiger will publish Flash of Neon in May 2025.

Sophie Cameron is a YA and MG author from the Scottish Highlands. Her debut YA novel Out of the Blue was nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2019. Her debut MG novel Our Sister, Again won the Leeds Books Awards 2023 and her second MG novel Away with Words is on the shortlist for the Carnegie Medal 2024. She lives in Spain with her family.

Author social media handles

Instagram: @sophiecameronbooks

Twitter/X: @sophiemcameron

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News: New Stitch Head Graphic Novel and feature film release

Little Tiger is working with the author and illustrator duo behind its bestselling STITCH HEAD series on at least two graphic novels featuring the much-loved hero. Guy Bass and Pete Williamson are bringing their unforgettable creation back to almost-life in glorious full-colour. World all language rights in Bass’s adaptation of the text were bought from Isobel Gahan at Curtis Brown by Associate Publisher Jane Harris. Art Director Charlie Moyler acquired World Rights in Williamson’s art from Alice Williams at Alice Williams Literary. The deal covers two volumes, adapting the first two novels in the original series.

The original STITCH HEAD novel was first published in 2011. Over 260,000 copies have been sold across the six books in the series in the UK alone. The books have been published in 16 languages and Little Tiger is relaunching the original novels in North America through their US-based Tiger Tales imprint, with the first two books publishing in April 2023.

An animated feature film adaptation of the first book is currently in production with Gringo Films. The voice cast is led by Asa Butterfield (Sex Education) as the eponymous hero. Butterfield is joined by a stellar line-up including, Joel Fry (Cruella) as the Creature, Rob Brydon (Gavin & Stacey) as Professor Erasmus, Alison Steadman (Gavin & Stacey) as Nan, Tia Bannon as Arabella, and comedians Fern Brady and Jamali Maddix voicing members of Fulbert Freakfinder’s sideshow.

Deep in the maze-like dungeons of Castle Grotteskew, a young Professor Erasmus created Stitch Head, a small, almost-human creature. His experiments continued, filling the castle with creations so fabulously monstrous that Stitch Head was long cast aside. But loyal Stitch Head did not forget their promise to be friends forever, and thus spends his days wrangling a long line of the professor’s rampaging monsters, in an effort to protect both his home and his beloved master. Until a travelling circus ringmaster knocks at the castle door, promising to make Stitch Head a star. Is this Stitch Head’s chance to venture beyond the castle walls? Or could he be making a terrible mistake…?

Guy Bass said:

“As a life-long fan of comic books, I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Little Tiger to give Stitch Head the graphic novel treatment. It could only have happened with Pete Williamson, who illustrated the novels, and I’m ecstatic that he’s on board to help bring Stitch Head to almost-life all over again. I can’t wait to introduce this adaptation of Stitch Head to readers old and new – and in full colour, no less!”

Pete Williamson said: “It’s been wonderful to collaborate with Guy and the folk at Little Tiger once again, and it’s particularly exciting to apply our shared love for, and excitement about, the comics/graphic novel medium to Stitch Head. It’s a perfect fit – Guy’s brilliant storytelling and my artwork really open up the world of Stitch Head in a completely new way. This is the most fun I’ve ever had in illustration.”

Jane Harris said: “After welcoming Stitch Head to our list twelve years ago, I’m utterly delighted to see this best-selling creation step out of the shadows into a brand-new format. Guy and Pete have worked tirelessly to distil Stitch Head’s darkly comic world into a stunning full-colour graphic novel, and I couldn’t be prouder of the book they’ve created. It’s sure to delight Stitch Headfans and introduce his monstrous adventures to a whole new legion of readers.”

Little Tiger will publish Stitch Head: The Graphic Novel in February 2024 with Stitch Head: The Pirate’s Eye: A Graphic Novel following in February 2025.

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Sita Brahmachari has been shortlisted for the Yoto Carnegie Medal for Writing for her YA novel When Shadows Fall

The UK’s longest running and best-loved book awards for children and young people, The Yoto Carnegies, today announced their 2023 shortlists today. We are delighted that Sita Brahmachari has been shortlisted for the Medal for Writing for her YA novel When Shadows Fall, illustrated by Natalie Sirett.

The Yoto Carnegies are unique in being judged by children’s and youth librarians, with the respective Shadowers’ Choice Medals voted for by children and young people. The 31 initially longlisted titles were whittled down to a shortlist of 13 by the judging panel, which includes 12 librarians from CILIP’s Youth Libraries Group.

What the organisers said about selecting Sita Brahmachari and When Shadows Fall. 

‘Five-time nominated author Sita Brahmachari has secured her place on the shortlist for the first time for When Shadows Fall, a “beautifully observed”, “lyrical” novel written through an original mix of forms, combining poetry, prose and illustrations by Natalie Sirett. The judges highlighted the “unforgettable voices” in this story of friendship and community. A previous winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, Brahmachari is an ambassador for Amnesty, and her passion for centring marginalised voices comes to the fore in this “powerfully charged” tale.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday 21 June at a live and streamed lunchtime ceremony at The Barbican, hosted by former Children’s Laureate Lauren Child. The winners will each receive £500 worth of books to donate to a library of their choice, a specially commissioned and newly designed golden medal and a £5,000 Colin Mears Award cash prize. The Shadowers’ Choice Medals, voted for and awarded by children and young people shadowing the shortlist from today, will also be presented at the ceremony. Following the brand refresh of the Awards this year, the Shadowers’ Choice winners will also receive a golden medal for the first time.

Activities and resources for When Shadows Fall are available on the Yoto Carnegies website.

When Shadows Fall

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Tiger Aspect Kids & Family and Little Tiger announce collaboration on prospective TV options

March 2023

Tiger Aspect Kids & Family and Little Tiger announce collaboration on prospective TV options

Children’s publisher Little Tiger and leading television producer Tiger Aspect Kids & Family, part of Banijay Kids & Family, are joining forces with the intention to option and develop future animated and live action TV projects, aimed at children of all ages and families.

This exciting collaboration brings together both parties’ expertise and passion for children’s entertainment and education.

Little Tiger’s rich portfolio of bestselling and far-reaching books, featuring unforgettable characters, striking worlds and wide-ranging concepts, are the perfect source material to create innovative and entertaining TV for children and families.

Tiger Aspect Kids & Family’s presence internationally and its brilliant creative team, plus its similar business ethos, align with Little Tiger’s ambitions to nurture talent and grow in the entertainment space.

David Bucknor, Managing Director at Little Tiger said:

“Children’s books have always provided a treasure trove of stories to inspire film and TV. Over the last few years, we have seen a marked increase in interest in our books, from producers keen to feed the ever-growing number of platforms and distributors hungry for content.  As we embark on this exciting collaboration with Tiger Aspect Kids & Family, we look forward to working together creatively, and finding new ways of sharing our stories with screen audiences.”

Tom Beattie, Managing Director at Tiger Aspect Kids & Family said:

 “This felt like a perfect partnership, not just because we both have ‘Tiger’ in the company names. Little Tiger create some brilliant characters and worlds that fit with the Tiger Aspect Kids & Family DNA, and so it made sense to work more closely together. We have a proven track record of taking books to screen and we’re excited with what is to come.”

The deal was negotiated by Jude Evans on behalf of Little Tiger and Tiger Aspect Kids & Family’s Dee Stevens.