Acquisition Announcement: The Best You, a new picture book by Mindful Champs founder, Nima Patel

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Little Tiger has acquired world rights for The Best You, a new picture book by Mindful Champs founder, Nima Patel

We are delighted to present The Best you, an inspirational and thought-provoking picture book from the Mindful Champs founder and mindfulness advocate Nima Patel: The Best You.

We often ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, expecting that they want to be astronauts, activists, artists or athletes. We want them to see the wide world of possibility that lies before them, but what about the incredible potential that is already within them?  

The Best You celebrates all the wonderful qualities that children have and can develop, and reminds us all that what really matters is being the best you that you can be.

Sales, Rights and Marketing director Nik Bhatia acquired world rights for the series. Illustration rights were acquired by Editorial Director Patricia Hegarty from Eunice Mcmullen.

Author Nima Patel commented:

The Best You was written out of a deep desire to draw attention to a narrative which I believe constricts children from growing with true purpose and authenticity. As adults, we are continually asking children WHAT they want to be when they grow up. They are put under so much pressure from a young age to choose a career path or to get top marks that it ends up leading to their success becoming largely measured in terms of that alone.

The Best You aims to shift this narrative and, instead, focus on asking children WHO they want to be when they grow up. By teaching children to develop traits of good character first and foremost, we can prepare them to thrive in any situation they may face. And as children practise skills that promote character development, they build a reservoir of strength that they can draw on throughout their lives. Confidence, determination, resilience and honesty are just some examples of traits that can sustain children at home, at school and in the big world out there.

I have had an incredible experience working with Little Tiger on my first book. Writing a book with a team that really understood my vision, as well as the value in the message I wanted to deliver, was so important for me. From editor to illustrator and everyone in between, Little Tiger have been an absolute dream to work with.”

Illustrator Cally Johnson-Isaacs commented:

“As a lifelong yoga and mindfulness enthusiast, in recent years I have enjoyed dedicating my artwork to positive affirmations, movement and breath.

I feel it’s truly important for children to benefit from the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. How wonderful it is to create illustrations for a beautiful book which will promote peace, happiness, kindness and a pathway for discovering the best version of ‘you’. I am very proud to be part of such a creatively fulfilling project.”

Nik Bhatia, Sales, Rights & Marketing Director said:

“In an increasingly pressurised world, The Best You is a much-needed celebration of the positive traits that will help children thrive, and that we should all be encouraging as mindful parents and caregivers. With gorgeous illustrations by Cally Johnson-Isaacs, this life-affirming picture book is the perfect addition to the Little Tiger list. We are delighted to be partnering with Nima Patel to help young children reach their full potential.”

The Best You publishes in January 2024.