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K.L. Kettle introduces The Boy I Am

When power corrupts…tear it down…The Boy I Am is the powerful debut novel from K.L. Kettle out now

Dear Reader,

I’m so excited for you to hold The Boy I Am in your hands.

I came to this story wondering what kind of feminist I wanted to be. Writing this book helped me process my own experiences from years working in a male dominated industry. There have been so many great times, but they’re pierced by moments when some men I worked for reduced me to something to flirt with, dismiss, or sideline when unwanted advances were met with polite declines.

Each moment sticks with me. I over analyze whether I dealt with them the right way, then wonder if there is a right way, then doubt my memory, then beat myself up for taking the burden of anxiety on myself, and so on… Sound familiar? You don’t need to be a woman to know these feelings, far from it, they come wherever there is disparity in power. And there’s a lot of that today.

The proverb ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ kept circling my mind as I found Jude’s story. If we are all equal, are we all equally capable of abusing the power we have? If so, how do we choose to be better?

See, I told you I over analyze.

From where it began, soon my research took me to some places full of sadness:

To forums teaching men how to manipulate women, where young men believe their worth is only in relation to their ability to be with a woman, or where they are radicalized and pressed into dark causes to compensate.

To charities raising awareness of the hidden problem of child marriage for both girls and boys in a world where thirty seven countries have no real minimum age of marriage, including the USA, and where the rules can be exploited, not only for straight and cis people, but often to force young LGBTQI people into marriage.

I saw the worst extremes of both gender rights movements and questioned my own identity and beliefs.

And it’s a really important but…
I came out the other side with hope because of people I met along the way, working together despite their differences: activists for gender diversity and equality, for disability and anti- racism. I also came out with the comfort that things are, slowly, getting better. But it will take all of us working together to stop them from getting worse.

The realization I came to is that I am an unfinished feminist. And that’s how I want to be, always learning about the power I have, the systems I am a part of, and how I can work with those around me to strive for a better, more compassionate world.

I hope your journey of discovery is as powerful as mine.


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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Ellie Hattie – Author 

When my publisher asked me to write a book about what I love about Christmas my first thought was “Where do I begin!!?” 

And really, it was as straightforward as that! I started to list every single thing about the festive season that makes me smile, the tinsel, the baubles, the food, the songs, the gifts and presents. The friends! The family! And that’s when it struck me. The thing that I LOVE most about Christmas is the LOVE that it’s wrapped in. 

I remembered being small and the building excitement as all the Christmas decorations and smells started to accumulate in the house. But the loveliest piece of the puzzle, the cherry on the cake, the star on top of the tree, was being wrapped in hugs, full of love, by my parents on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!

I knew that the fabulous Tim Warnes was going to illustrate the story and I couldn’t wait to see the characters come to life. There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching an artist work their magic, and the Bear family did not disappoint! Little Bear is so exuberant – the character’s joy radiates from the page with every furry smile and outstretched paw! And the final spread – the final hug – makes my heart sing every time I look at it. It perfectly captures that moment from my childhood that I remember so vividly. Of many merry Christmases, sandwiched between my parents, wrapped in love. 


Tim Warnes – Illustrator
Here’s the thing about bears. Everyone loves them – and so they are in big demand from publishers (which is why there are so many bear books out there!).
So, yes – I’ve created many bear characters over the last 25 plus years. Which always leaves me wondering: How can I make these bears look a little different?!
I had recently read an article by the mother of an overweight child asking, Where are the positive, fat characters in picture books? So I decided to make the little bear pretty chubby. And Daddy Bear? He received the big, heavy-eyebrows treatment!
One idea that pleases me was beginning the story with little bear ice skating. I was racking my brain trying to think of an angle I’d not used before – and this was it! It’s a good demonstration of the illustrator’s role – to not only illustrate the text but also bring another layer to a story. This particular scene conveys a sense of movement and joy — an appropriate way to introduce the bubbly Little Bear!
The penultimate illustration, though, is my favourite! I always looked forward to bedtime stories when I was a kid. And when I became a dad, it was still the time of day I looked forward to the most. Storytime, for me, is a snuggly, intimate time to pause and spend some precious quiet quality time together.
I hope I Love You More Than Christmas! will bring your family such treasured moments, too.
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Little Tiger Group Permissions Policy for Online Book Readings

Guidelines and permission policy for those wishing to share our stories online during the Covid-19 crisis.

As we all adjust to new ways of living, working and learning, we recognise the need to be flexible in our approach to granting permission to those wishing to share our stories. We are keen to balance the needs of our reading community with protecting our authors’ and illustrators’ IP.

For our part, we will be populating our own YouTubeFacebookInstagram and Twitter with videos of lots of our creators sharing their own stories, so please make sure you are keeping an eye on our channels for these, plus links to things our authors and illustrators are up to on their own channels.

To enable schools to continue with class shared-reading and story-times, Little Tiger is permitting educators to:

  • share read-aloud videos, and display the book on closed educational platforms such as Google classroom or Dojo
  • share read-aloud videos, and display the book via a YouTube channel, provided the link to that YouTube video is posted inside a closed educational platform or supplied directly to students i.e. via email, and the YouTube video is designated as “Unlisted” (not “Public”) when uploading

These videos may be hosted on the educational platform and/or YouTube (as “Unlisted”) for two months, after which we request that they be removed from the educational platform and/or from YouTube.

To enable BooksellersLibrariansBloggersVloggersBookstagrammers who wish to provide a story time reading or other read-aloud experience for their users who are observing social distancing/home-schooling, Little Tiger is permitting these individuals to:

  • share read-aloud videos, and display the book live, in real time, on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter, and Instagram.

So that our authors and illustrators benefit from the free use of their IP, we would request that:

  • author/illustrator and Little Tiger are tagged where the video is shared – this also helps us share your content with our followers
  • author/illustrator and book title are mentioned in the video
  • buy links for the book are included in posts where possible

We would prefer that these videos are not maintained in the archive of the social media platform. These platforms automatically archive live events by default, when your event has concluded, please locate the recorded live video in your account (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and delete it ASAP.

Please notify us of any readings via email: with the following information:

  • Name and address of physical institution (school, library, bookshop) or web/profile link (blog, vlog, Instagram)
  • Title, author, illustrator of book being read
  • Detail of how the reading is being shared, please include links where appropriate

We are granting this open permission for free use of the readings. If you wish to in any way monetise recordings of Little Tiger books you will need to seek specific permission for that purpose, please email in the first instance.

Thank you for providing entertainment, education and escapism for children and families at this difficult time and for choosing to share a Little Tiger book in doing so.


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