Gina Kaminski Saves the Wolf

Gina Kaminski, Book 1

Author: Craig Barr-Green

, Illustrator: Francis Martin


ISBN: 9781801045018 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: September 5 2024 (Not yet published - orders will be dispatched on or around publication date)

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 36 pages

DIMENSIONS: 245 x 280 mm

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An empowering retelling of Little Red Riding Hood about challenging the traditional narratives we are told, with a confident, autistic character at its heart.


Gina Kaminski is here to tell you three facts.

1 – Little Red Riding Hood is full of BIG mistakes.
2 – She is off to fairy tale land to fix them.
3 – She WILL save the wolf.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Certainly not Gina as she takes the narrative lead and tells the story in her own distinctive way. With fantastic illustrations from Francis Martin, and an innovative use of pictorial emoji language, this is the ideal book to empower every child to be the hero of their own story. Fans of Little Red by Bethan Woollvin, Luna Loves Dance by Joseph Coelho and Fiona Lumbers and Look Up! by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola will love Gina Kaminski Saves the Wolf.


I LOVE Gina Kaminski. She is such a real little character and Craig and Francis make us love and understand her in such a straightforward and original way. If I were using her chart, I’d choose the really smiley face.”

Jacqueline Wilson


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Meet the author

Craig Barr-Green

Craig Barr-Green writes picture books, non-fiction titles and theatre productions for children. He lectures in Children’s Literature at Falmouth University and often performs storytelling shows at fes…

Meet the illustrator

Francis Martin

Francis Martin is an illustrator and artist living out in the wilds of Pendle Witch Country, conjuring up pictures for stories by splodging ink and charcoal all over the place. He is a graduate of Cam…