Clumsy Crab

Author: Ruth Galloway


ISBN: 9781848695016 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: January 1 2005

BINDING: Paperback


DIMENSIONS: 265x230 mm

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Snippety-snap! Nipper is a clumsy crab. His huge claws always get in the way! When he tries to play catch-the-bubble with his friends, he accidentally pops the bubble. When everyone plays tag, Nipper trips on one of his claws. And when Nipper and his pals play hide-and-seek, Nipper’s big claws smash his hiding place! So Nipper looks for his friends. He finds Turtle and Jellyfish, but there’s no sign of Octopus. Finally, they find him tangled in seaweed. It’s up to Nipper and his claws to set Octopus free! An exquisite picture book that will make the perfect bedtime story for little ones.


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Meet the author

Ruth Galloway

Ruth Galloway studied art at A-level, but is essentially self-taught. She knew she was going to be an artist from the age of eight, and is now a successful illustrator of a number of picture books for…