Beyond the Frozen Horizon

Author: Nicola Penfold


ISBN: 9781788954471 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: September 1 2022

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 320 pages

DIMENSIONS: 129 x 198 mm

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The earth is thriving – with wilderness status protecting land and wildlife, and scientific organisations researching new ways to support human life sustainably. Rory’s mum is a geologist on one of these projects, and Rory is beyond excited to join her on a work trip to the Arctic. But the project isn’t all that it seems, and Rory soon learns what’s at stake for the people and animals that live there…

A thrilling and thought-provoking ecological adventure from the author of the highly acclaimed WHERE THE WORLD TURNS WILD and BETWEEN SEA AND SKY. Perfect for fans of THE EXPLORER, THE LAST WILD  and WHERE THE RIVER RUNS GOLD


“A truly thought shifting, light filled journal of environmental protection from an author whose awe-filled stories illuminate hearts and minds and light the way for change” Sita Brahmachari, author of Where the River Runs Gold

“A powerful story of hope – a glimpse into a brighter future, a world where we have taken action to protect our fragile planet” Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of Good News

“A beautifully crafted story of wild encounters and conservation; one that will keep pages turning and hearts beating from start to finish” Rachel Delahaye, author of Mort the Meek

“With just the right mix of spookiness, action, intrigue and mystery, Beyond the Frozen Horizon takes Nicola Penfold to the next level. This story is both a warning and a celebration: of nature and the threats to it, and the importance of every single person in the fight for our future.” Sinéad O’Hart, author of The Eye of the North

“A gripping story that drew me into its icy clutches with a dystopian climate mystery. Polar bear encounters, dog sled rides, blizzards & hugs with arctic foxes, the action is both chilling and thrilling!” Lou Abercrombie, author of Coming Up for Air

“Beautifully evocative with a fantastic cast of characters and, as always, an important yet lightly told message about the necessity of caring for our precious environment” Sharon Gosling, author of The Golden Butterfly

“A sublimely crafted tale of loss, friendship and bravery set against a stunning but stark Arctic backdrop. Nicola allows the reader a glimpse of a future world where society has taken action to tackle climate change and offers us hope that change really can make a difference.” Jo Clarke, author of Libby and the Parisian Puzzle

“It’s such a stunning book, full of beautiful imagery and a strong message for readers of all ages, to respect the world we are in, both a thrilling and thought-provoking story, and one that of we take action now then we could have hope for the future of our world” Emma Finlayson-Palmer, author of Autumn Moonbeam

“Nicola’s reverence for nature and the natural world oozes from the pages of this breathtakingly beautiful story of the world and its response to the Climate Crisis. Thrilling and thought provoking and with powerful ecological messages of stewardship and sustainability – this is storytelling at its very best.” Kevin Cobane, teacher

“Beyond the Frozen Horizon is a lesson for us all. We must look beyond our own needs and think about impact on the world as a whole… Rory experiences this first hand and takes her readers on a high stakes adventure that will leave them thinking about their place and impact on the world for a very long time.” Kate Heap, Scope for Imagination blog

“An eco adventure, ghost story and love letter for a better world” Gill Pawley, Inkpots

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1 review for Beyond the Frozen Horizon

  1. Kristen Hopwood

    Set slightly in the future in a world where Global Climate Laws were brought in in 2030, ‘Beyond the Frozen Horizon’ is a brilliant book that gives us a glimpse into a possible future.
    The Global Climate Laws have banned extraction and burning of fossil fuels, have set targets to reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products, and have banned single-use plastic. World wilderness zones were also established, setting aside land for wildlife to try and increase their numbers.
    Rory is going to spend 6 weeks in The Arctic with her mum who works for a company called Greenlight. They’ll be extracting rare earth metals from a wilderness zone in Svalbard. Lots of people have never been on an aeroplane since flights were restricted to essential travel only under the climate laws and Rory is excited. They travel to Longyearbyen first before continuing on to Pyramiden where the mining will take place. Upon arriving in Longyearbyen, Rory’s mum discovers that some of the old mining families haven’t left Pyramiden and the locals are less than happy about the arrival of the Greenlight employees. Greenlight, however, insist they are respectful of wildlife and aren’t doing any harm to the environment through their mining.
    Rory is surprised to find there are a lot of children in Pyramiden, but they don’t seem too happy to see her: there is a lot of tension between the mining families and the Greenlight employees. Despite all this, Rory finds herself enjoying her new environment. She gets to see polar bears, the northern lights and makes friends with an Arctic fox called Kaiku.

    There is so much information included throughout the story about Arctic animals, the environment and the people – a fantastic accompaniment to an Arctic or climate change topic. I loved getting to know the characters and the relationship between Rory and the locals as they try to understand each other’s way of life. This is such an important story in the light of today’s world and highlights how the greed of some can ruin things for everyone.

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