A Walk Through Nature

A Clover Robin Peek-Through Book

Author: Libby Walden

, Illustrator: Clover Robin


ISBN: 9781848578036 Category:


BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 32 pages

DIMENSIONS: 211 x 276 mm

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Our natural world transforms

every day and month and year.

But if we don’t take time to look,

wonders fade and disappear…

A first book of nature that encourages young readers to pause and notice when flowers bloom, discover why leaves change colour and learn how birds build intricate nests.


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Meet the author

Libby Walden

Editor and book review blogger at Through the Wardrobe, Libby’s days are filled with writing, reading and dreaming up new books.

Meet the illustrator

Clover Robin

Clover Robin is a surface pattern designer and illustrator. She grew up in glorious Devon before training and graduating from Leeds College of Art and Design in 2007, followed by a Masters from Centra…