Welcome to Your Period

Authors: Yumi Stynes

, Dr Melissa Kang

, Illustrator: Jenny Latham


ISBN: 9781788952941 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: September 3 2020

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 176 pages

DIMENSIONS: 140 x 178 mm

ILLUSTRATIONS: Illustrations, colour

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Getting your period for the first time can be mortifying, weird and messy – and asking questions about it can be even worse. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Packed with honest advice on managing Aunt Flo like a boss, WELCOME TO YOUR PERIOD inducts pre-teens into the secret society of menstruation: from demystifying what cramps feel like, to whether you can feel it coming out, to what you should do if your pad leaks on to your dress. With equal measures of warm, big-sisterish wisdom and medical myth-busting, there are tons of case studies, first-person accounts and questions, making it the must-have book for every pre-teen.

A frank, funny and age-appropriate illustrated guide to getting your period.


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Meet the authors

Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes is a second-gen Japanese-Australian TV and radio presenter who’s worked in media for almost two decades. She’s currently the host of Ladies, We Need to Talk an award-winning podcast that e…

Meet the illustrator

Jenny Latham

Jenny is an illustrator from Worthing. She studied Illustration BA(hons) at Falmouth University and now enjoys working on female-related creative projects.


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