The Noisy Noisy Farm

Very Noisy Picture Books

Author: Stephanie Stansbie


ISBN: 9781848952072 Category:


BINDING: Novelty book

EXTENT: 24 pages

DIMENSIONS: 240 x 260 mm

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Wherever can Cockerel be? None of the animals have heard his cock-a-doodle-doo, and they’ve slept late. One by one they call to him: Miaow! Quack! Baaaaa! Moo! But when they find Cockerel they have a BIG surprise!


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Meet the author

Stephanie Stansbie

Stephanie Stansbie has been a children’s book editor since the nineties and an author since the noughties. She adores editing and writing in equal measure and has always worked on illustrated books, w…