Knowing the Score

Author: Ros Roberts


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BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 352 pages

DIMENSIONS: 129 x 198 mm

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For as long as Gemma can remember it’s been her and Mum against the world. They’re as close as can be, but deep down she longs to get to know the rest of her family – Gran and Mum’s brother Joe – the family Mum turned her back on around the time Gemma was born.

With the summer holidays approaching, Mum is invited on an adults-only holiday. Gemma spots a chance to uncover the story behind the family rift and convinces Mum to let her stay with Joe. He’s the perfect uncle – fun, friendly and generous, and even signs her up for tennis camp. But Gemma can’t shake the feeling that he and Gran are keeping secrets. As the truth emerges, can Gemma find a way to bring her family back together?

A heartfelt story of complex families, forgiveness and new beginnings, for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, Lisa Thompson, Susin Nielsen and Cath Howe.

Praise for DIGGER AND ME:

“A wonderful tale, told with heart, hope and a shiny wet nose.” – Gill Lewis, author of SWAN SONG

“A really special book.” – Hilary McKay, author of THE SKYLARKS’ WAR

“A story full of humanity.” – Cath Howe, author of ELLA ON THE OUTSIDE

“Highly recommended for its engaging storytelling and relatable themes, Knowing the Score is an ideal summer holiday reading for Y6s and Y7s.” School Reading List

1 review for Knowing the Score

  1. Rachel Goodhart

    Knowing the Score by Ros Roberts

    It’s always great to find a good middle grade novel that I can confidently recommend to the younger pupils in my school Library and I enjoyed this.

    There are a variety of themes in this story beyond it’s description as a story of complex families , forgiveness and new beginnings:
    Friendship – between Gemma, Surinder and Jess – seen mainly through their text messages; and then with Flori and Sarah
    Mother and daughter – although there are complications – which become more and more evident as the story progresses, Gemma and her mother are clearly very close
    Financial pressures/differences – Gemma and her mother clearly struggles to make ends meet – and this causes embarrassment for Gemma – but is addresses sensitively – at least that’s what I think from my admittedly privileged position!
    Hasty judgements – I think it’s great that lots of books address this as it’s something we’re all prone to, but younger readers may not recognise that of themselves yet…
    Family – the importance of knowing who you are and where you’ve come from
    Being willing to step out of your comfort zone – Gemma has never played tennis but is encouraged to try it although she’s very unsure about it…

    I liked the tennis theme to the story; I enjoyed Uncle Joe’s character a lot; I liked the gradual realisation that Gemma has regarding past events. There were characters I didn’t like who got their just desserts… and those I rooted for who did too!

    A gentle read but one that doesn’t ignore some of the harsher realities of life.
    I’m grateful to NetGalley for an ARC.

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Ros Roberts

Ros Roberts grew up when phones were attached to the wall by wiggly wires and music was taped on to cassettes. Amazing teachers encouraged her love of writing, setting her daily challenges to create p…


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