In Focus Space

In Focus

Author: Elizabeth Jenner


ISBN: 9781848579439 Category:


BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 26 pages

DIMENSIONS: 256 x 256 mm

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Ten illustrators blast off into outer space to explore the mysteries of our solar system and the galaxies and stars beyond it.

Learn about everything from the Big Bang to the Moon landing, find out what makes the day light and the night dark, and discover what it really takes to be an astronaut and what everyday life is like on the International Space Station. Open the super-size flaps and let your world expand…


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Meet the author

Elizabeth Jenner

Elizabeth Jenner is a writer and editor based in London, who has been working in children’s non-fiction for 12 years. Her novel The Magic Places was published in 2017. She is also a yoga teacher and c…