I Want to Play . . .

When I Grow Up

Author: Rosamund Lloyd

, Illustrator: Richard Merritt


ISBN: 9781912756667 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: July 8 2021 (Not yet published - orders will be dispatched on or around publication date)

BINDING: Board book

EXTENT: 12 pages

DIMENSIONS: 186 x 186 mm

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This fun, dynamic book introduces children to the world of competitive sports! It covers some of the world’s most popular games, including football, tennis and volleyball. Packed with action flaps and simple facts, this book is perfect for curious minds.


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Meet the author

Rosamund Lloyd

Rosamund Lloyd lives in London with her two boys (one son, one husband). She loves visiting museums in the big city and baking cakes in her tiny house.

Meet the illustrator

Richard Merritt

Richard is a London born illustrator with over 15 years experience as an artist, and formerly as an agent, helping to nurture many other talented illustrators. From his first commission with The Times…