Every Cloud

Author: Ros Roberts


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BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 336 pages

DIMENSIONS: 129 x 198 mm

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Amy feels like everything is going wrong. For a start, she’s just found out she isn’t going to the same high school as everyone else. Add to that her annoying younger brothers, Pops’ worsening dementia and Cassie, her supposed best friend, being meaner than ever, and Amy’s summer is not looking promising. Especially when Mum tells her they’re moving in with Gran and Pops for the holidays … all the way on the other side of town.

But then she discovers who lives over the road from her grandparents: Jay, the kind, quiet boy from school. Soon Amy realizes that friendship isn’t always about who talks the most and the loudest, who does the most exciting things or throws the coolest parties. Sometimes a friend is just someone to talk to, someone to listen. But when outside pressures start to creep back in, can Amy hang on to her summer of silver linings?

A humorous and heartfelt story of new friends, fresh starts and silver linings, for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, Lisa Thompson and Cath Howe.

“A perfect book for Year 6 and 7 readers, and such an evocative and moving story.” – Phoebe Demeger, CLPE Librarian.

Praise for DIGGER AND ME:

“A wonderful tale, told with heart, hope and a shiny wet nose.” – Gill Lewis, author of SWAN SONG

“A really special book.” – Hilary McKay, author of THE SKYLARKS’ WAR

“A story full of humanity.” – Cath Howe, author of ELLA ON THE OUTSIDE

2 reviews for Every Cloud

  1. Rileybishop

    It was amazing

  2. Kristen Hopwood

    Amy and her friends are coming to the end of their time at Primary School and desperately want to go to the same secondary school as each other. However, it is looking increasingly likely for Amy that she is going to have to go to Thornberry as they have recently moved house. She also hates their new house – there are lots of things that need fixing.
    One day, Amy’s gran has a fall and sprains her ankle. Amy’s grandad (Pops) has become quite forgetful so Amy, her mum and her two younger brothers Sam and Maxi have to move in with gran and Pops to look after them both. Amy’s dad is going to stay at home and do up their new house. Amy’s not very pleased about this though as it ruins some of her plans for the summer: cinema trip with her friends, sleepover at Cassie’s, birthday party at Molly’s. After moving in with gran and Pops, Amy discovers that a boy called Jay lives over the road and he’ll be going to Thornberry too.
    ‘Every Cloud’ manages to tackle lots of issues that children can relate to in a sensitive but humorous way. The transition from Primary School to Secondary School is a tricky one and can often put a strain on existing friendships. Making new friends is also a scary and difficult thing to do and I loved the development of the friendship between Amy and Jay. I also thought the relationship between Cassie and the other children was important as it demonstrated someone who comes across and confident but a little arrogant at times, whereas deep down Cassie was feeling insecure.
    Jay’s stammer and Pops’ dementia were also explored in a sensitive way. I also liked how close Pops and Jay became and how they seemed to understand each other.
    I can see a lot of children going through similar experiences to Amy and the other characters finding comfort in this book whilst enjoying the humour it brings alongside. Definitely one I will be recommending in my Year 6 classroom!

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Ros Roberts

Ros Roberts grew up when phones were attached to the wall by wiggly wires and music was taped on to cassettes. Amazing teachers encouraged her love of writing, setting her daily challenges to create p…