Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Haunted House

Agent Zaiba Investigates, Book 3

Author: Annabelle Sami

, Illustrator: Daniela Sosa


ISBN: 9781788953368 Category:


BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 256 pages

DIMENSIONS: 129 x 198 mm

ILLUSTRATIONS: Illustrations, black and white

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Determined to be the world’s greatest detective, Zaiba is always on the lookout for a crime to solve!

When a new family moves to the village, Zaiba is intrigued to hear about the strange happenings in their home. Things go missing, objects are smashed and unfriendly messages are painted on the walls. There have always been rumours that the house is haunted, but is a ghost really causing all this trouble? Zaiba and her team are convinced that the culprit is very much alive – and won’t stop until they get what they want…

The third book in a fun, fresh and exciting new detective series, for readers not quite ready for Robin Stevens, Katherine Woodfine, HIGH RISE MYSTERY and NANCY DREW.

4 reviews for Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Haunted House

  1. M Colothan

    This is the first Agent Zaiba mystery I’ve read. I was worried I would needed to have read the others, but it wasn’t an issue. In fact, I can’t wait to read the others after reading The Haunted House!

    This is a fun whodunit book for Lower KS2 children. The mystery kept me hooked and guessing all the way through. Zaiba and her Snow Leopard Detective Agency unlock a series of clue to find out who or what is behind the mysterious goings on at Oakwood Manor.  I think many children would love to be a part of S.L.D.A U.K!

    The author cleverly leaves a series of clues that leave you suspicious of the vast majority of the characters! Zaiba is a brave and methodical thinker who leaves no secret corridor uninvestigated.  The setting of the book is just the kind of mysterious building that all children would be thrilled to explore with Zaiba and her friends. The little details about the Manor’s history really brought the story to life.

    I’m not sure what left the greater impression on me though…Zaiba’s mighty detective skills or Ali’s mouthwatering stuffed aloo burgers!

    I’ll happily be buying the books for my daughter and to include in my class reading corner. It’s a lighthearted, easy read that makes for good escapism.

    Thank you Little Tiger for the preview on Netgalley. Zaiba has a new fan.

  2. Kirsten Barrett

    I was lucky to get a copy via Netgalley to read. I only recently joined Netgalley and I was drawn to this books by its title.
    I haven’t read the other books in the series, however this didn’t detract from the story at all, it was easy to follow even without reading the previous books.

    I was delighted to discover that it was set in Pakistan, we need more children’s books set in other countries to open the world within our libraries, classrooms and bookshelves.

    Zaiba is a courageous, brave, strong and curious main character. She reminds me of the delight I used to have when reading Nancy Drew. I feel that many children will see themselves reflected in her character and that of her family.

    This mystery will keep young readers wondering who the culprit is…if there even if one. #nospoliers.

  3. Schizanthus Nerd

    Zaiba and Poppy have a new friend, Olivia, whose family has recently moved to Oakwood Manor. This home has a long and interesting history and there are plenty of rooms to explore, some of which have secrets to uncover.

    There’s also one other minor detail; the Manor is haunted. Plates have been smashed, furniture moves on its own, items have gone missing and now sinister messages have been found within the home.

    I would love to live in Olivia’s new home. Befitting a good mystery, there are secret passages and there’s even a murphy door in the library. This home has its very own library!

    While adult me solved the mystery alongside Zaiba, kid me probably would have been befuddled by all of the people acting suspiciously.

    You could jump straight into this investigation without getting lost but some details of previous investigations are mentioned, so I’d recommend reading the series in order.

    I always enjoy Daniela Sosa’s illustrations and they help bring the story alive here. From highlighting friendships to pointing out the clues (or are they red herrings?), the details line up well with the text.

    Stick around after you solve the investigation for some fun extras: detective tips, some Oakwood Manor history, information about jinn, fun things to do during a sleepover, a recipe, jokes and an excerpt from Zaiba’s first investigation.

    I’m already looking forward to Zaiba’s next investigation, The Smuggler’s Secret.

    Thank you so much to NetGalley and Stripes Publishing, an imprint of Little Tiger Group, for the opportunity to read this book.

  4. Rebecca Rouillard

    Zaiba’s new friend Olivia has just moved into Oakwood Manor—a large, slightly dilapidated house with a colourful history. But strange things have been happening and Olivia is beginning to worry that either someone in the neighbourhood doesn’t want them there, or the house is haunted. But never fear when the Snow Leopard Detective Agency (UK Branch) is near, and with the help of her friends, Zaiba takes the case. When Olivia’s family throw a housewarming party to meet their new neighbours, it is the perfect opportunity for Zaiba to observe all the suspects and gather the evidence.

    ‘The Haunted House’ is the third ‘Agent Zaiba Investigates’ book—a gentle mystery series perfect for 7 to 9-year-olds who love exciting mysteries but might not be quite ready for murder. These books have a wonderfully inclusive range of representation and a strong thread of friendship, cooperation and kindness. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and will definitely be getting this series for the school library.

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Meet the author

Annabelle Sami

Annabelle Sami is a writer and performer. She grew up next to the sea on the south coast of the UK and then moved to London, where she now lives. She studied English Literature and Drama and undertook…

Meet the illustrator

Daniela Sosa

Daniela Sosa is originally from Romania, but now lives in Cambridge and is completing a master’s degree in children’s book illustrations at the Cambridge School of Art. She loves to travel, which is w…