When the Stars Come Out

Exploring the Magic and Mysteries of the Night-Time

Authors: Nicola Edwards

, Lucy Cartwright


ISBN: 9781838915124 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: October 12 2023

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 64 pages

DIMENSIONS: 225 x 275 mm

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As we delve into the magical realm that is our universe at night we discover what makes it so extraordinary…from moonbows to shooting stars and from the polar night to the northern lights. Experience how different habitats from the city to the ocean, come alive when the sun sets. Meet animals that make their own elaborate beds and others that sleep while swimming or flying. Explore the history of human sleep across the globe and dive into a world of dreams…


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Meet the authors

Nicola Edwards

Nicola was raised by the seaside in beautiful Brighton. She loves reading, dancing, rhyming and turquoise things. She now lives with her husband and son in East London and spends her days writing and…

Lucy Cartwright

Lucy is a freelance illustrator who graduated from Falmouth University with a BA in Illustration. Recently she has embarked upon a new and exciting journey into children’s books, creating images with…


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