Unicorn Club

Author: Suzy Senior

, Illustrator: Leire Martín


ISBN: 9781788813860 Category:


BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 28 pages

DIMENSIONS: 250 x 286 mm

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Amy is starting a unicorn fan club – with cupcakes and painting and prizes to win. But… is that a UNICORN up in the treehouse? It’s time for some magic, so come and join in!

This galloping, giggling story is perfect for young unicorn fans! Little readers will love the idea of a treehouse club with a magical twist, whilst enjoying dazzling illustrations and a heartwarming tale about the joy of new adventures.


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Meet the author

Suzy Senior

Suzy Senior lives and works at the top of a huge hill in Sheffield. She lives with her family, a small gang of squeaky pets and quite a lot of books. She loves writing picture books, making things rhy…

Meet the illustrator

Leire Martín

Leire Martín is an illustrator from San Sebastián in Spain. She has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a CGI Master. She worked as a 3D artist for 3 years, but drawing has always been her passion so…