Turn and Learn: Weather

Author: Isabel Otter

, Illustrator: Hannah Tolson


ISBN: 9781848577466 Category:


BINDING: Novelty book

EXTENT: 10 pages

DIMENSIONS: 255 x 285 mm

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Weather happens all around us, but have you ever wondered how it works?

How does the wind blow?
Why isn’t rain salty?
How do we feel heat?

Discover the answers to these questions and more by delving into five amazing weather systems. Brimming with fascinating facts, this book is the perfect introduction to rain, thunder and lightning, sunshine, wind and snow.


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Meet the author

Isabel Otter

Isabel Otter is a children’s book editor and writer. She grew up in rural Herefordshire and is happiest climbing mountains in muddy boots. Isabel loves weaving stories and writing about the world arou…

Meet the illustrator

Hannah Tolson

Hannah is a freelance illustrator, currently based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. She has previously studied at Leeds College of Art and then Falmouth University, where she gained her degree in Illustrati…