The Feeling Good Club: Say How You Feel, Archie!

The Feeling Good Club

Author: Kelly McKain

, Illustrator: Jenny Latham


ISBN: 9781788953085 Category:


BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 224 pages

DIMENSIONS: 129 x 198 mm

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Join Archie, Shazmin and Bella as they help each other to feel good and face their worries.

Archie feels like Dad doesn’t have any time for him. With Mum away, his dad’s juggling work with looking after Archie and his younger brothers, but even when he’s around he’s distracted by emails and calls. Then he forgets to come to see Archie’s exhibit at the Science Fair. Archie pretends to his friends and his dad that he’s fine but at a Feeling Good Club meeting his true emotions come bursting out. With help from Bella and Shazmin, Archie comes up with the perfect plan for some one-on-one time with Dad, but when it all goes wrong can he find the courage to tell Dad how he’s really feeling?

A new series of accessible stories told in journal format, highlighting the benefits of mindfulness activities and sharing your feelings.


“Perfectly packaged emotional literacy for tweens”Edspire

“… a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tom Gates vibe… brilliant”Book Bound

“… a brilliant introduction to mindfulness”Book Craic

“… a fresh fun exploration of feelings”Miss Cleveland

“… inspires young readers to share their feelings and worries”The Book Activist


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Meet the author

Kelly McKain

Kelly McKain is a best-selling children’s and YA author with over 40 books published in more than 20 languages. She lives in the beautiful Surrey Heath area of the UK with her family and loves horses,…

Meet the illustrator

Jenny Latham

Jenny is an illustrator from Worthing. She studied Illustration BA (Hons) at Falmouth University and now enjoys working on female-related creative projects.


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