The Extraordinary Voyage of Katy Willacott

Author: Sharon Gosling


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BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 288 pages

DIMENSIONS: 129 x 198 mm

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Living among the flowers and ferns of Kew Gardens, Katy has always dreamed of more – of the sky and the stars and the sea. Unfortunately for Katy, her father doesn’t understand. He says young girls should be content to stay at home, not go off gallivanting around the world.

So when news reaches London of a meteorite falling in the faraway land of Brazil and an expedition being put together to find it, Katy knows it’s her chance to follow her dreams and prove her father wrong. And winning a place on the trip is just the start of her extraordinary voyage on the trail of a fallen star…

A thrilling historical adventure from the author of THE HOUSE OF HIDDEN WONDERS, perfect for fans of Katherine Woodfine, Lucy Worsley, Jennifer Bell and Robin Stevens

“Touching on issues of class and gender, its main purpose is to bewitch and enthral.” – Financial Times

“A perfectly paced and wonderfully written tale of mystery and magic.” – Sinéad O’Hart, author of THE EYE OF THE NORTH and THE STAR-SPUN WEB

1 review for The Extraordinary Voyage of Katy Willacott

  1. Kristen Hopwood

    Katy longs to go on adventures, exploring the natural world. However, many people don’t think it’s appropriate for girls to pursue such careers. Katy’s father is an assistant archaeologist for the British Museum and often takes Katy’s brother, Stefan to work with him. Katy wants to go too, but isn’t allowed. Katy and her family live at the edge of Kew Gardens and she often does some work with her mum who is a botanist. Whilst Katy finds this interesting, she’d rather go and see the plants out in the wild.
    Katy is inspired by the journalist, Fran Brocklehurst, who has travelled all over the world. After Fran visits Kew Gardens one day to interview Katy’s mother, Katy is inspired all over again by the women in scientific fields that Fran talks of. She begins to wonder whether she can do something similar herself, despite all the odds seeming to be against her.
    Sir Thomas Derby is Katy’s dad’s horrible boss who thinks that women shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near archaeological expeditions, but when Katy hears he is going on an expedition to Brazil, she begins to formulate a plan of how she may be able to go too.
    Meeting helpful (and some not so helpful) people along the way, Katy uncovers something that she wasn’t expecting to find deep in the jungles of Brazil, as well as making friends for life.
    Katy is the inspirational adventurer all children need to read about. It doesn’t matter whether she has been told she can’t or shouldn’t do something, or how many times she has to try at something before she succeeds, she is determined and carries on anyway. I also thought the environmental messages were extremely important and relevant. ‘The Extraordinary Voyage of Katy Willacott’ is indeed extraordinary and I hope there will be more adventures of Katy’s to follow!

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Meet the author

Sharon Gosling

Sharon Gosling is the award-winning author of middle grade novels THE DIAMOND THIEF and THE GOLDEN BUTTERFLY, as well as YA horror FIR, which was shortlisted for the Lancashire Book of the Year 2017….