Balloon to the Moon

Author: Becky Davies

, Illustrator: Jennica Lounsbury


ISBN: 9781801042970 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: November 10 2022

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 32 pages

DIMENSIONS: 265 x 266 mm

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A beautiful book that takes inspiration from known sleep techniques to encourage big yawns and tired eyes at bedtime.  

In your bed you cuddle warmly. Safe and soft and snug.

Eyelids flutter, closing gently. Safe and soft and snug.

Drift towards the comforting embrace of dreamland in this glowing lullaby – ideal for sharing at bedtime. Becky Davies’s sweet, lyrical text and Jennica Lounsbury’s magical illustrations will gently relax busy brains, easing little ones into a deep, contented and restful night’s sleep. Just like Goodnight Moon, The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep and The Going to Bed Book, Balloon to the Moon will fit seamlessly into any child’s bedtime routine.


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Meet the author

Becky Davies

Becky is a children’s book editor, and sometimes author, from the South West of England. Her favourite things are animals, books about magic, and anything sparkly. In a parallel universe she lives in…

Meet the illustrator

Jennica Lounsbury

Jennica Lounsbury began illustrating picture books after spending the first bit of her career in animation. She loves folk art, dreamy ideas, and magical realism, and is passionate about colour and vi…