Are You There, Baby Bear?

Author: Catherine Walters


ISBN: 9781848699571 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: January 11 2018

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 32 pages

DIMENSIONS: 240 x 260 mm

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Alfie is very excited when he hears that he is to have a baby brother or sister. But the days go by and the weather turns cold, and still the baby doesn’t arrive. Alfie is worried that it might be lost in the snow, so one day, he sets off alone to look for it…

Young readers will welcome the return of Alfie, the lovable bear cub, who first made his appearance in When will it be Spring?.


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Meet the author

Catherine Walters

After many years of living in the north of England, Catherine Walters relocated to New Zealand where she now lives with her family and two meddlesome Siamese cats. She is part of a collective running…