Alfie and Bet’s ABC

A pop-up alphabet book

Author: Patricia Hegarty

, Illustrator: Maddie Frost


ISBN: 9781848575851 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: February 8 2018

BINDING: Novelty book

EXTENT: 16 pages

DIMENSIONS: 180 x 230 mm

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‘Alfie and Bet are off on a quest
To discover the letter they like the best.
But Alfie and Bet can never agree –
If Alfie says A, Bet will say B!’

Alfie and Bet can’t decide which is their favourite letter of the alphabet! Join them on their journey through this colourful pop-up extravaganza and learn the letters of the alphabet along the way.


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Meet the author

Patricia Hegarty

Patricia Hegarty is currently the Editorial Director of Caterpillar Books and has written about all kinds of things from trees and bees to ABCs (and she loves to rhyme).

Meet the illustrator

Maddie Frost

Maddie Frost grew up in a quiet town and has always been inspired by simple things, like bugs and pebbles. She loves illustrating images that are very funny and silly as well as images that have a mor…