Agent Llama

Agent Llama, Book 1

Author: Angela Woolfe

, Illustrator: Duncan Beedie


ISBN: 9781801040037 Category:

PUBLICATION DATE: May 11 2022 (Not yet published - orders will be dispatched on or around publication date)

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 36 pages

DIMENSIONS: 245 x 280 mm

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Move over, Bond! There’s a new hero in town – Charlie Palmer: super spy and fluffy llama!

Charlie Palmer is a hotshot secret agent. Saving the world, fighting goons and looking cool while she does it is no big deal for her. Right now, she’s on a top-secret mission to rescue a pair of . . . UNDERPANTS! Gadgets ready? Sunglasses on? Watch out, baddies! No villain is a match for this AWESOME llama! 

A hilarious and super stylish adventure from the incredible Angela Woolfe and Duncan Beedie. Perfect for fans of action-packed adventures like Supertato, Secret Agent Elephant and There’s a Superhero in your Book.


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Meet the author

Angela Woolfe

Angela Woolfe decided to become an author aged 4 after writing a mind-blowing four-line poem called The Postman Is Very Good. She also writes books for older children and has occasionally – she’s stil…

Meet the illustrator

Duncan Beedie

Duncan has been drawing and doodling since childhood, sprawled out on his parent’s living room carpet with felt tip in fist. He now sits upright to draw from his studio in Bristol, where he lives with…