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Under the Sleepy Stars
Under the Sleepy Stars Under the Sleepy Stars
Under the Sleepy Stars
Author: Stephanie Shaw
Illustrator: Rebecca Harry

0+  3+  
Little Tiger Press  

On a star-sprinkled night, an owl and her owlet watch as the forest animals settle down to sleep. “Who tucks Fawn in? Who cuddles Cub?” asks the wide-awake owlet. But as night turns to dawn, it’s Owlet who needs a goodnight hug . . .

This soothing, bedtime rhyme from Stephanie Shaw (Bedtime in the Meadow) is perfect for rocking toddlers off to sleep. Little hands will love the padded, squishy cover and sturdy board pages. With magical illustrations from Rebecca Harry (Foxes in the Snow), this will make an adorable gift for a one- to three-year-olds.

Pages: 24
Format: Board book  
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9781848690547
Dimensions: 201 x 200 x 17 mm

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