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In Focus
In Focus In Focus
In Focus
Author: Libby Walden
Illustrator: Barbara Bakos
Illustrator: Chester Bentley
Illustrator: Chris Chatterton
Illustrator: Clair Rossiter
Illustrator: Jen Taylor
Illustrator: Jessie Ford
Illustrator: Lindsey Spinks
Illustrator: Thomas Pullin
Illustrator: Tracey Tucker

5+  7+  9+  11+  
Ten illustrators place ten subjects under the microscope to uncover what lies beneath the surface…

From famous landmarks to fruit and veg and from the natural world to everyday inventions, In Focus investigates a fresh perspective by looking at 101 wonders of the world from the outside, in.
Pages: 26
Format: Hardback  
Price: £15.99
ISBN: 9781848575059

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