Karl Newson

Karl Newson
Karl Newson has enjoyed playing with words and making up stories since he was small. He lives in London with his partner in crime, and the fox and owl who live at the end of the garden. When he isn't working, Karl likes watching films with his children, listening to music and walking in the woods.

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The Hat Full of Secrets
Henry’s got a secret – a big one! Grandpa suggests he should keep it under his hat only Henry doesn’t have a hat. Luckily Grandpa has one that is just right but when Henry puts it on he discovers Grandpa has some secrets of his own!
Ex Tax: £7.99
I Really, Really Need a Wee!
Bush Baby is in a fix. She didn’t need a wee before she left home – now she needs one right away! Uh-oh! But what will she do if there’s just nowhere to go? A pant-wettingly funny tale of determination and self-awareness.
Ex Tax: £6.99