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SERIES: Geekhood

Fourteen-year-old Archie is a Geek to his core, but when a Beautiful Girl appears in the midst of his world, he's forced to put his head above the parapet and take a tentative step into the Real World.

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Geekhood: Mission Improbable
Archie the Geek has a whole new role to play. In his fantasy world, Archie would have won the girl's undying love and defeated his tormenting bullies by now. But reality has other ideas. Enter Claire, a girl with a cunning plot to get her and Archie's crushes to notice them: pretend to be going out with one another.
Ex Tax: £6.99
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Close Encounters of the Girl Kind
Fourteen-year-old Archie is a Geek to his core and he's on a mission. When a Beautiful Girl enters his Geeky world, Archie embarks on a Daring Quest to win her heart. Geek meets girl … what could possibly go right?
Ex Tax: £6.99
Based on 2 reviews.