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Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Poison Plot
Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Poison Plot
Author: Annabelle Sami
Illustrator: Daniela Sosa

Determined to be the world’s greatest detective, Zaiba is always on the lookout for a crime to solve!

Zaiba can’t wait for the school summer fair where she’s going to run a detective trail to help train other potential agents! But when the head teacher is poisoned during the highly competitive cake competition, Zaiba’s own skills are put to the test. With a whole host of suspects and a busy crime scene, Zaiba needs to stay focused if she’s going to get to the bottom of the cake catastrophe...

The second book in a fun, fresh and exciting new detective series, for fans of Robin Stevens, Katherine Woodfine, HIGH RISE MYSTERY and NANCY DREW.
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback  
Publication Date: 9 July 2020
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9781788952071

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