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Intern Jenny describes her busy week in the Little Tiger offices.

Books. Beautiful, bright books. This was the first thing I noticed on my entrance into Little Tiger Press’ offices for a week of work experience.

It has long been my ambition to get into publishing. When the opportunity arose for me to experience life in a publishing house in London, it was a dream chance to get to grips with publishing and see if it liked me. I will be graduating from University in a few months’ time, which is all very scary and made scarier by the current market - I have little idea what it will be like for 2013 graduates. I’ve always known work experience is crucial and I’ve had many wonderful placements but never in publishing. That was until the day I stepped through Little Tiger’s alarmed doors that I could never quite remember the code for.

From my arrival, all the team at Little Tiger Press were very friendly and welcoming. After a look around all four imprints – Little Tiger Press, Stripes Publishing, Caterpillar Books and Little Tiger Kids, I was given a lovely desk in the Marketing and Publicity Department with an important looking chair where I could do my important looking tasks.

Throughout the week, these tasks varied from writing a press release for a fantastic new book, Baddies, Beasties and a Sprinkling of Crumbs! and composing blog posts to running a competition on Twitter for My Little Pink Book of Friendship, researching different potential advertisers, sending out books for review and visiting the Southbank Centre for the Imagine Festival where three Little Tiger authors are taking part.  Little Tiger have some really fantastic books and exciting projects in the pipeline and it was great to be able to assist in them.

I was always kept busy and looking back over my time I managed to pack a lot into the week. I was lucky enough to dip into editorial and had some useful chats with Little Tiger workers who imparted their publishing wisdom and advice.

Now on my last day here in the office, I realise how fortunate I have been in gaining this experience in publishing and insight into how a publishing house functions. I was able to learn while working which has really been the most important and invaluable aspect of my time here that I’ll take away with me. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone at Little Tiger Press for making my week such a roaring success.


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