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What's That Noise Little Mouse?
What's That Noise Little Mouse?
Author: Stephanie Stansbie
Illustrator: Polona Lovsin

Little Mouse is tucked up in bed, when suddenly he hears a strange sound: Too whoo! Too whoo! He tiptoes though the house to find out what it is, but there are scary noises and shadows everywhere! Creeeaaak! Rattle! Rattle! What can they be? Is there a ghosty coming to get him. Press the pages to hear the night-time noises in this gorgeous picture book.
Pages: 24
Format: Novelty book  
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781848951624
Alternative Formats:
Novelty book (9781848951624): £7.99
Novelty book (9781848951624): £7.99

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