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Little Tiger's Top Reading Tips
Posted On 2015-11-13 16:58:31 Last Update 2015-11-13 17:01:58
At Little Tiger Kids we are passionate about books and reading. Sharing a book with your child from a young age gives them a great head start in life. Here are our top tips to help get your little one reading!
Lashings of Gore
Posted On 2015-09-14 09:15:18 Last Update 2015-09-14 09:26:40
How bloody do you like your [dead] meat? Horror’s a very personal genre – what terrifies one person will leave another completely cold...
YA Author Katy Cannon Describes Her Typical Working Day
Posted On 2015-02-06 10:08:35 Last Update 2015-02-06 10:09:51
Author of Secret Schemes & Sewing Machines, much-awaited sequel to Love, Lies & Lemon Pies, Katy Cannon describes the typical working day in the life of a successful author.
Should Horror by Censored?
Posted On 2015-01-16 12:43:27 Last Update 2015-01-16 12:43:27
Find out what horror-author Lou Morgan think of censoring YA Horror fiction.
Which book scares horror-author ALEX BELL most?
Posted On 2015-01-09 10:51:35 Last Update 2015-01-09 10:52:11
Alex Bell, author of new Red Eye tile, Frozen Charlotte, explains which book gave her the creeps and how she got into horror-writing!
Little Tiger's Kathryn White star of Reading Force Launch
Posted On 2014-11-05 17:14:52 Last Update 2014-11-05 17:19:22
Baking through the book with Katy Cannon!
Posted On 2014-07-31 15:42:24 Last Update 2014-07-31 15:42:24
Love, Lies and Lemon Pies author Katy Cannon has been busy baking her way through her book for the past few weeks and this week she made yummy pick-me-up breakfast muffins. Over to Katy...
Author Insights: Top Five Quotes from YALC
Posted On 2014-07-16 11:02:19 Last Update 2014-07-16 11:03:10
Reading Rocks 2014 - Author Videos!
Posted On 2014-07-01 16:10:05 Last Update 2014-07-17 13:38:06
Watch our Reading Rocks authors read their new picture books!
Reading Forces go into the Noisy Jungle!
Posted On 2014-06-16 11:19:50 Last Update 2014-06-16 15:47:33
Kathryn White writes about her first Reading Force event.
Pumas, Proofreading and Puns: Work Experience with Stripes
Posted On 2014-05-28 11:29:09 Last Update 2014-05-28 11:29:09
Harriet describes her week of work experience with Little Tiger imprint, Stripes.
A round up of the Undead Pets blog tour!
Posted On 2014-05-20 11:15:10 Last Update 2014-05-20 11:29:02
To celebrate the publication of the last in the series of Undead Pets, author Sam Hay went on a blog tour! Here is a round up of the tour in case you missed it...
Top 10 facts about my writing room - Simon Cheshire
Posted On 2014-05-15 13:14:09 Last Update 2014-05-16 08:11:30
To celebrate the publication of Operation Sting, the first book in his brand new series, SWARM, Simon Cheshire shares what happens in his own top secret office... his writing room!
A Girl, A Boy, Some Cake and A Book
Posted On 2014-05-06 09:56:27 Last Update 2014-05-06 09:58:37
The making of Love, Lies and Lemon Pies by Katy Cannon!
Learn to draw Cedric by Fred Blunt
Posted On 2014-04-14 10:10:42 Last Update 2014-04-14 10:12:28
Learn to draw the star of the Knightmare series, Cedric Thatchbottom, with a step-by-step guide from the brilliant Fred Blunt!
My Day - Peter Bently
Posted On 2014-04-03 11:23:58 Last Update 2014-04-03 15:50:41
To celebrate the release of our brand new brilliant series KNIGHTMARE we asked author Peter Bently to tell us how a typical day goes in his life...
On tour with Guy Bass and Frog!
Posted On 2014-03-17 12:58:30 Last Update 2014-03-21 12:38:23
Join Guy Bass on the road to celebrate The Legend of Frog!
Stripes grow their YA list with new horror series Red Eye!
Posted On 2014-03-14 11:58:14 Last Update 2014-03-14 11:58:14
We are very excited to announce the launch of Red Eye, a brand new YA horror series for 2014 featuring gripping stories from award-winning authors and rising stars. A killer series for fans of all things ghastly and gruesome, the Red Eye series gives horror a contemporary makeover that teen readers will love!
Geekhood and Speakhood
Posted On 2014-02-11 12:22:44 Last Update 2014-02-11 12:22:44
My Favourite Place to Write - Tim Warnes
Posted On 2014-02-03 09:37:44 Last Update 2014-02-03 09:37:44
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