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PROUD to introduce Lucinda
Monday, 30 November -0001
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We’ve closed submissions for our PROUD anthology now, and the next stage begins: reading all of your hard work. To help us out, we are delighted to announce the appointment of our shadowing editorial mentee, Lucinda Tomlinson.

Lucinda will be shadowing Stripes’ editorial director Rachel Boden, who said:

“Choosing a Shadowing Editor was an extremely tough decision because we had such articulate, passionate applicants. Lucinda's knowledge of the current YA market, along with her blogging and her volunteer work at her local library, meant that I knew she'd have a great eye for a good story. I am very much looking forward to working with her on this exciting and groundbreaking project.”

In her own words, Lucinda explains why she applied to be the #ProudBook editorial mentee:

When I read that Stripes were working on another anthology- this time with a focus on LGBTQ+ stories- I was so happy, and even more so to find out that they would be taking on a shadow editor again. The opportunity to help edit an anthology featuring work by current authors that I am already a fan of, plus giving other marginalised writers the chance to be published, was something I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to apply for. Being offered a phone interview on the strength of my application made me a combination of excited and nervous, and I was worried that the nervousness would win out, but I needn’t have worried so much. There’s such a difference between having an interview for something you applied for because it was in publishing and you know you could do it, and something you applied for because you really know the market and believe in it. Rather than forgetting every book I’ve ever read and stumbling trying to relate my experience to the qualities they were looking for, I found myself thinking of more books than I had the time to talk about, and relaxing more when talking about previous experience.

It isn’t just the fact that I’m getting to play a part in the creation of this book that I’m looking forward to, but also the amount that I’m hoping to learn. I can’t wait to get a real insight into the role of an editor, from what they do day to day to the skills they need to succeed, and to hone my own skills in these areas. I’m excited to be gaining experience not only in the career that I’ve been working towards, but gaining it by working on something that I’m passionate about.

I’m hopeful that this book will reach the people it’s meant for, that they will be able to see themselves, and know that it’s okay to be who they are, that they are valid and allowed to exist- and to thrive. There has been a growing pushback against the ‘straight white default’ lately, but, unless we keep working at it, nothing will truly change, and I’m delighted that I get to be a part of that pushback.

Lucinda Tomlinson is an English Literature graduate from the border of rural Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. She has always wanted to have a career in ‘something to do with books’ apart from the brief period of time when she wanted to get paid to travel around the world and go to concerts (although she’s still open to offers for that). Since graduating, she has been taking every chance to gain experience to get into publishing possible, from library volunteering to a work experience placement at Transworld books. She also attends as many author events as she can get to, and has visited the Young Adult Literature Convention every year since it began. Find her talking books, boybands, and bisexuality on Twitter at @lktomlinson.

Follow @stripesbooks and the #ProudBook hashtag for more news about the anthology over the coming months.


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