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Thank You, World
Monday, 30 November -0001
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Hello World has hit the bookshops and we’ve been delighted with its success – it’s been Children’s Book of the Month at Stanfords, Foyles’ Choice at Southbank and Book of the Week in The Week Junior magazine. It’s also graced the front cover of The Bookseller. Thanks to all of the above for supporting this title.

And thanks to the wonderful children who attended our half-term event at Stanfords and went around the world in 80 languages, wrestling with Russian, writing Mongolian and Hindi and attempting Greenlandic tongue-twisters. And to the staff who created such an awesome display.

Another huge thank you goes to the illustrators, Alexandre and Sarah, who provided a stunning array of characters in their traditional costumes and worked around the clock to make this book happen.

Additionally, big thanks go out to our army of proofreaders and fact-checkers who eliminated errors, and for the army of language experts we enlisted from the Australian Outback to the Amazon Rainforest, and from the Sahara Desert to the Siberian hinterlands.

Special thanks are reserved for the miracle workers in the Production department who didn’t bat an eyelid when we proposed a book with 180-odd flaps, special paper-stock, tight deadlines and a tighter budget. You guys are the best!

Finally, it is amazing to see foreign editions of this title filtering through, from Dutch to Chinese. Thanks to the Foreign Rights department for making these sales, and thanks for our international publishing partners for making Hello World a truly global affair.
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