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Calling all illustrators! Welcome to Our Town!
Monday, 30 November -0001
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We’re looking for an illustrator, or illustrators, to work on a new series of books set in an inclusive town with a diverse population.

From their first day at school to visiting the dentist, from making new friends to learning to deal with the loss of loved ones, the books of Our Town will explore first experiences and common dilemmas faced by pre-school age children.

We’re accepting submissions from everyone, but are keen to find illustrators from underrepresented backgrounds in particular.

We want to see how you’ll interpret Our Town on the page - full details of what we’d like to see are below.

We’re looking to present material from the series in spring 2019.

How to enter

Submissions must be made via email with OUR TOWN in the subject line. A PDF of the required artwork should be sent to ourtown@littletiger.co.uk and the email should include: entrant’s name, address, telephone number, email address, and a short biography of the illustrator.

Submissions must include a a family portrait of one of the below families (The Rashids or the Romeros), and illustrations of the same family in one of the two scenarios detailed below.

We will be accepting submissions until 11.59pm on Friday 31st August 2018.


Our Town is a small town with a river running through it, connected by a train station on the outskirts. It’s an environmentally-friendly place, and green modes of transport such as walking, cycling or taking the bus are prominent. Our Town has a busy high street, plenty of parks and there’s even a city farm nearby!

Family biographies

The Rashids
Twins Sofia (meaning: beautiful, wisdom) and Bilal (meaning: water, moisture, freshness, river, sea) are three years old. They’re boisterous - as twins they’ve always had a companion to play with, and get into trouble with. They’re pretty independent and can be a bit bossy if around other children, although they’re never deliberately mean.

Their dad Nabil, 32, is of Nigerian descent (second generation) and is a mechanic, and their mum Aisha, 30, is of Pakistani descent (second generation) and is an infant and primary-school teacher. She is pregnant, and since having the twins works part-time.

The Rashids are a Muslim family - their parents pray and fast, and mum Aisha wears a headscarf.

Sofia and Bilal have been brought up in a household where cultures meld seamlessly, and they celebrate Eid with a huge party every year that friends and neighbours are invited to.

The Romeros
Chris is 15, he is the elder brother of Sammy, ten, and Annabel, three. Chris is in a wheelchair, but doesn’t let it hold him back. He likes to play basketball. Sammy is a curious child, and obsessed with bugs. Annabel is the baby of the family and quite spoilt. She is outgoing but prone to having big tantrums.

Their parents, Karen and George, have been divorced for a year. Karen, 45, is a General Practitioner and works in the local surgery. She is caucasian. Jorge, 48, is Brazilian and works as the park ranger.

The children live with Karen in a terraced house and see their dad at weekends. Karen is single. Jorge lives in a flat and has a new girlfriend, Gemma, who works in the park kiosk.
Gemma is Jewish and has an 11 year old daughter called Katie.

Karen and Jorge are civil to each other but have a tense relationship. The children are still getting used to having two homes.


As well as a family portrait, we’d like you to draw your chosen family in one of the following scenarios:

1. Having a meal in their home
2. Shopping in Our Town


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