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Change Taking Shape
Monday, 30 November -0001
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Editorial mentee, Aa'Ishah Hawton, shares what she's learned on the path to sending our BAME YA anthology A Change Is Gonna Come to print shadowing the book’s editor, Ruth Bennett.

A Note from Aa'Ishah

#ChangeBook has gone off to print, which means I’ve already been on this journey for five months. How is that even possible? (I am so tempted to put in a ‘wibbly wobbly timey wimey’ GIF here.) It’s been so amazing, and for anyone interested, I thought I might share with you some things I’ve learned along the way.

These are in no particular order and have just been my experience. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully offers a glimpse into the world of Editorial.

Some manuscripts will need more work, and some will need less.
Both types are great to work with. I’ve really enjoyed the process of being very involved with some and helping fine-tune others. Having done a fair amount of proofreading and submissions work, it was fun to also work on the middle stage and watch these stories evolve.

Deadlines have a more flexible meaning.
As someone who generally feels a need to meet them (this blog post perhaps being the exception...sorry, Charlie), this can be difficult – but it can’t always be helped. Problems may arise, or something might simply take longer than previously thought. In the case of the anthology, the whole process has been carried out much more quickly than usual, which made everything feel so much tighter.

No department works in isolation.
While the editing was going on, lots of amazing marketing and publicity plans were being developed. And one day quite early on, I went in to discover we had an early draft version of the cover. There are always multiple things going on at the same time, and it’s really quite wonderful to see, especially when it all starts coming together.

The relationship between author and editor is highly important.
Obvious, but there has to be respect on both sides. It’s also important to remember that this is, ultimately, the author’s work. You won’t always agree with each other – and that’s okay. Sometimes you just have to know when to take a step back. Doesn’t mean there won’t be something great at the end of it. The fun is in the surprises.

You’re never working on the same thing twice.
The varied nature of editorial work comes up a lot, but even when you’re just doing the fun stuff – the actual editing bit – you’re always faced with different things. Take the anthology. Sure, there are overlaps of style. But each author brings their own voice. Every story is centred around the same theme, and yet we have twelve different interpretations. Cool, no?

Such are my pearls of wisdom. Watching Change take shape (and watching change take shape) has been fantastic, and needless to say, I can’t wait for everything still to come. 



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