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SERIES: There’s a Dragon in...

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There’s a Dragon in my Stocking!
Much to Eric and Pan’s surprise, Pan’s parents are in town for the holidays – arriving down the chimney on Christmas Eve! With a full house – including, to Eric’s dismay, the Blooms – Eric has a tough time of keeping Pan’s parents hidden away. Then disaster strikes, leaving them all without Christmas dinner! Can the Mini-Dragons save the day?
Ex Tax: £5.99
There’s a Dragon in my Pants
Eric’s is on a camping trip with Pan and his friends when who should show up but Toby and his dad, with their state-of-the-art Glamping gear. Desperate to get the weekend back on track, Eric suggests a series of outdoor challenges. With Pan offering to lend a bit of dragon-ish help, what could possibly go wrong?
Ex Tax: £5.99