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The Opposite of You
The Opposite of You
Author: Lou Morgan

Stripes Publishing  
There are two sides to every story.

A fast-paced YA about finding out who you really are.

Naomi is ready to escape. She’s fed up with being one half of Bex-and-Naomi. What’s the point when her identical twin sister doesn’t know a single thing about what she’s really thinking?

Bex doesn’t know who Naomi is any more. Every time she reaches out, Naomi pushes her away. But when her twin skips their final exam, Bex realizes just how little she understands her sister’s life. 

Now Bex needs to get her sister back, before it’s too late…

Perfect for dans of SKINS, Sophie McKenzie and E. Lockhart.

Pages: 224
Format: Paperback  
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781847157270

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