'The Odds Strike Back' by Adam Perrott
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The mischievous Odds are back, and this time the professional pranksters are causing more chaos than ever before...

After putting a stop to the Plopwells’ plot to oust them, the Odd family faces a new challenge when an old foe arrives at their front door.

Sneaky Mr Nobody, Head Pranker of the Meddle World, has decided to inspect the Odds’ pranking proficiency. The Odd family, never turning down an opportunity to play tricks, work together to pull a stunt on him. 

Mr and Mrs Odd, along with their terrible twins Edgar and Elsie, pooch, Bob and grusesome gran, Granny Snot attempt to come up with the most rottenest, meddliest, putrified trick in pranking history. But are the Odds really capable of pulling a horrific hoax on Mr Nobody?

Quirkily hilarious and full of crazy characters, The Odds Strike Back, is bound to have you roaring with laughter from the start.

“it oozes fun and mischief and presses all the right buttons to appeal to the intended audience.” – Library Mice blog on The Odds

Adam Perrott is a full-time father to two children and loves to make them laugh as much as possible. He spends his days coming up with nonsense, jokes, scripts and poems designed to make children and silly adults giggle.

Tom McLaughlin studied at Falmouth College of Arts and has since worked as a cartoonist and an animation designer for Nick Toons. He has also published a picture book, The Diabolical Mr Tiddles.
Tom lives in Devon with his wife, two boys and a sleepy cat.
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