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To celebrate the publication of Operation Sting, the first book in his brand new series, SWARM, Simon Cheshire shares what happens in his own top secret office... his writing room!

The SWARM books are all about a team of very unusual secret agents: they're miniature robots, disguised as insects. The first book, Operation Sting, is full of action and adventure, bold heroes and dastardly villains. I wrote it at the desk pictured above, where I create all my books.

1. My writing room is tiny. Taking this photo requires squashing yourself right up into the corner. Not a problem for a miniature spy bug, but when you're my size, that's not easy. It's actually the end of a larger room, cut off with a partition wall. I call it my cabin.

2. In this photo, my cabin is much tidier than normal. Usually, my desk is piled high with bits of paper and books and assorted rubbish.

3. I love my laptop. It's years old, and wheezy, but I've never found another computer with a better keyboard. It has a lovely sort of ka-clunk action when you press the keys. By the way, I utterly refuse to let Windows near my beloved PC. It runs Linux.

4. Notice the half-eaten cheese sandwich and cup of coffee. There are very few hours of the day when you won't find a half-eaten something and a cup of coffee on my desk. Look, it's fuel for thinking, OK?

5. Fortunately, the view from my window in not an inspiring and spectacular landscape. Otherwise I'd spend all day staring out at it. Instead, I have a view of next door's garage and the recycling bins.

6. My cabin is where I hide the kids' birthday and Christmas pressies, because the chronic mess normally keeps them out. But they don't know that. So don't tell them.

7. Yes, that's a little model of the Starship Enterprise sitting on the window sill (the NX-01, to be exact, fellow trekkers).

8. If I'd taken the photo from the floor, looking up, you'd have seen my collection of Doctor Who action figures instead.

9. Framed on the wall above my desk, I have the publisher's letter I got accepting my very first book for publication. It's dated 23rd April 1996 and the ink it's printed with is rapidly fading with age.

10. On top of the bookshelves you can just about see on the left, there's a teetering pile of stuff I've written over the years. I've made a space up there ready for the next SWARM book, Project Venom, which is out in July.

Check out the new SWARM website! There's an extract, more information on Simon and the books and activity sheets:

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