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SERIES: Stunt Monkeys

Stunt Monkeys
Kurtis, Stench, Einstein and Grunt live in Sludgeville – officially the most boring town in the whole world. But just as they're about to pass out with boredom, they discover a fantastic book, The Official League of Unbelievable and Amazing World Records, full of UNBELIEVABLE and AMAZING stupid stunts…
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Stunt Mania!
The boys are back in town with their very own TV show, Stunt Mania! It's the chance to do some more UNBELIEVABLE and AMAZING stunts on TV!
Ex Tax: £4.99
Four Boys Go Ape!
The Stunt Monkeys are on a mission – to make it into The League of Unbelievable and Amazing World Records by doing something UNBELIEVABLE and AMAZING…
Ex Tax: £4.99