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SERIES: Winter Animal Stories

Winter Animal Stories
Gorgeous wintery tales from best-selling author Holly Webb.
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Cassie loves the fox cubs who live near her flat – especially little Frost. One snowy night she sneaks out to feed him and ends up following him down to the frozen Thames. But as she reaches the river she finds herself back at the time of the famous Frost Fair.
Ex Tax: £8.99
The Storm Leopards
The countdown to Christmas has begun, and Isabelle and her family take a trip to a nearby zoo, where Isabelle catches a glimpse of a snow leopard. Fascinated by these rare and secretive creatures, Isabelle tries to find out what she can do to help them. Little does she know she’s about to have an amazing snow leopard adventure of her own.
Ex Tax: £5.99
The Storm Dog
Tilly travels in time to World War II where she meets a very special sheepdog.
Ex Tax: £8.99