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Recommended Reads


    Best New Books for Young Adults:

    And Then We Ran by Katy Cannon
    A Change is Gonna Come Anthology by Various Writers
    Fir by Sharon Gosling
    The Opposite of You by Lou Morgan

    Books with repeated refrains:

    Squish Squash Squeeze by Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman
    Dirty Bertie by David Roberts
    Little Why by Jonny Lambert
    Is It Christmas Yet? by Jane Chapman
    Boris' Big Bogey by Paul Bright and Hannah George


      Books with rhyming text:

      Bee by Patricia Hegarty and Britta Teckentrup
      Dragon Stew by Steve Smallman and Lee Wildish
      Under the Same Sky by Britta Teckentrup
      Up Up Up in the Tree by Jonathan Litton and Maxime Lebrun
      Town Mouse, Country Mouse by Libby Walden and Richard Jones


    Books to help with numeracy:

    10, 9, 8...Owls Up Late! by Georgiana Deutsch and Ekaterina Trukhan
    One Happy Tiger by Catehrine Rayner
    Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars by Debbie Tarbett
    Ten Friendly Fish by Debbie Tarbett

  Books about friendship:

  Can I Join Your Club? by John Kelly and Steph Laberis
  Everybody's Welcome by Patricia Hegarty and Greg Abbott
  A Friend Like You by Andrea Schomburg, Barbara Rottgen and Sean Julian
  The Only Lonely Panda by Jonny Lambert
  Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman and Gavin Scott
  Super-Duper Dudley! by Sue Mongredien and Caroline Pedler

   Books about families:

  That Is Actually MY Blanket, Baby! by Angie Morgan and Kate Alizadeh
  We Are Family by Patricia Hegarty and Ruan Wheatcroft
  Me and My Dad!
by Alison Ritchie and Alison Edgson
  Sorry Dad! by Maxine Lee


   Books about bullying:

  Worst Ever School Trip by Barry Hutchinson and Katie Abey
   Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bunny? by Steve Smallman and Caroline Pedler
   Laura’s Secret by Klaus Baumgart
   Geekhood: Mission Improbable by Andy Robb

   Books about growing up:

   Bright Stanley: Double Trouble by Matt Buckingham
   It's Potty Time! by Tracey Corderoy and Caroline Pedler
   Harris Finds His Feet by Catherine Rayner


   Books about Nature:

   The Earth Book by Jonathan Litton and Thomas Hegbrook
   Things That Grow by Libby Walden and Becca Stadtlander
   Wilderness by Hannah Pang and Jenny Wren
   StoryWorlds: Nature by Thomas Hegbrook

  Bedtime Books:

  I Can't Sleep by Owen Hart and Caroline Pedler
  Goodnight Tiger by Timothy Knapman and Laura Hughes
  Lullaby Farm by Stephanie Shaw and Rebecca Harry
  I Don't Want to Go to Bed by Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes
  There’s a Bison Bouncing on the Bed! by Paul Bright and Chris Chatterton


   Funny Books

   Glitter by Stella J Jones and Judi Abbot
   Hibernation Hotel by John Kelly and Laura Brenlla
   Nibbles: The Book Monster by Emma Yarlett
   Hippobottoymus by Steve Smallman

   Books about Going to School

   Stomp School by Jeff Norton and Leo Antolini
   St Grizzle's School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys by Karen McCombue and Becka Moor
   Bunny Starts School by Mike Byrne
  Worst Ever School Trip by Barry Hutchison and Katie Abey

   Books about the World and History

   Hello World by Jonathan Litton and L'Atelier Cartographik
   In Focus: Cities by Libby Walden et al.
   Myths and Legends by Sandra Lawrence and Emma Trithart
   Festivals and Celebrations by Sandra Lawrence and Jane Newland
   Time Atlas by Robert Hegarty and Marcelo Badari
   The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth by Ellie Hattie and Karl James Mountford

   Books about Fairy Tales:

   Fairy Tale Pets by Tracey Corderoy and Jorge Martin
   The Three Little Pugs and the Big Bad Cat by Becky Davies and Caroline Attia
   My First Fairy Tales series by Mara Alperin