Poppy's Place: A supurrrb Saturday with Katrina Charman
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A trip to an actual cat café, you say? You have cat to be kitten me! …Where do we sign up?!

The Stripes team met our tabby match this Caturday, with a trip to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, a cat café in London. It was the purrrfect day out. We took author Katrina Charman to meet Animals and You competition winner Luisa, and answer all her questions about Poppy’s Place.

Kittens and cake. Meowsic to my ears!

Luisa asked what inspired Katrina to write Poppy’s Place. Katrina loves cats, and luckily growing up she always had one, but that made her wonder what would have happened if her Mum hadn’t let her have a cat. One of the cats Katrina had when she was younger, they thought was a boy, but then it turned out to be pregnant with kittens! This was a spark of an idea that helped the plot for her book.

We weren’t allowed to pick the cats up for their safety and comfort, but we were allowed to play with them as long as they weren’t sleeping…and it didn’t take much purrrsuasion! – Luckily the café was well stocked with cat toys, from laser pointers to feathers on strings. The question was which kitten to play with first?

Three of the cafés newest additions to the family were young kittens, Peter, Wendy and Tink. Living up to her name, Tink was the most mischievous, and was very fascinated in chasing spots of light. Luisa’s favourite kitten was three month old Peter, because he was fluffy, friendly, liked to play and chase his own shadow. Victor, a sweet black kitten, was a little bit shy. The older cats were curled up and sleeping in their comfy beds.

There was lots of fun things for the cats to do, with grass patches in the window to laze in the sun, tunnels and bridges placed high around the walls for climbing, scratching posts to sharpen claws, and all the people’s legs to weave in between. Luisa was particularly impressed with a giant cat wheel, like a hamster wheel but bigger, that spun around as the cats chased toys. Very cathletic!

We also got to eat some truly scrumptious cakes. 

Things you aren’t served at a cat café: catnip, cat food, mice.

Things you ARE served at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium: lovely rose infused earl grey tea, sparkling elderflower, a selection of mouth watering cakes and savoury scones in the shape of little cat faces and ears.


Once the cats retire from the Emporium, they are adopted into new homes and families.

We loved that the littlest kittens were black and white, just like Poppy in the book! You can read more about Luisa’s day in an upcoming edition of Animals and You magazine.

Read all about how Isla starts her very own cat café in Poppy’s Place.

We’re pawsitive you’ll love it!

Now time for a quick catnap.

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