Splish Splash, it's a Little Tiger Bash!
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Team Tiger headed to Union Street Café for Little Tiger’s Summer Splash! Guests brought their children to meet picture book authors & illustrators, Jonny Lambert (The Great Aaa-Ooo), Maudie Powell-Tuck & Richard Smythe (The Messy Book), Jeanne Willis & Matt Saunders (There’s No Such Thing As A Snappenpoop), Emma Yarlett (Nibbles the Book Monster) & discover Connah Brecon (Paws McDraw)

With coffees, juice and pastries happily munched for breakfast, it was time to kick off the day! We started with some fun introductions from each of the authors. Then the day was set out with craft activities at each Story Station. Guests got a glimpse at each of the Summer books and a chance to see how Little Tiger has changed our stripes with an innovative and contemporary new look. 

Read on to find out how you can win all of the books from the event and even more goodies!

Little Tiger Press publisher, Jude Evans, gave our guests a warm welcome and introduced our new look books. She also introduced the Fastest Doodler in the West, Paws McDraw, as author Connah lives down under...more on this later!

It was then time for Jeanne Willis to open up the activities with a dramatic reading from There’s No Such Thing As A Snappenpoop. The story of a Big Meanie brother, and a Little Brother who wants to join in the games, this is a sibling rivalry story about being careful what you wish for (dun dun dun!) Jeanne, of course, had all the guests on the edge of their seats!

The Story Stations:

At the Nibbles the Book Monster story station, Emma Yarlett was on hand to help children make Nibbles hats and doodle their very own Nibbles wanted posters...all the better to help track him down and keep him out of book munching mischief!

At The Great Aaa-Ooo station, Jonny Lambert interacted with the children to share his storyboards and talk about how he creates his fabulous characters. Little Tiger staff helped to play The Great Aaa-Ooo Guess Who with unscramble the words activity sheets and make some helpful sound effects. Aaaaa-Ooooo!!!


The Messy Book station, as you can imagine, got a bit messy! We had Maudie & Richard helping the children to create recycled materials collages, building a picture of the underwater scene from The Messy Book. This meant that the children got to create messy pictures of their very own! They sure did get stuck in with glue and sticky paper. No pun intended.

At our Paws McDraw station, we had Little Tiger staff channelling Paws himself to demonstrate their very best doodles with Little Tiger facepainting. Connah lives all the way down under in Australia, so we asked our guests to share lots of lovely photos of amazing dressing up, so he could join in with the fun. Paws' special skill is the abilitity to draw himself out of trouble, using his imagination to conjur up unlikely escapes. He's the Fastest Doodler in the West!

The children showed off some rather dashing and imaginative outfits. Magic!

It was all go at the There’s No Such Thing As a Snappenpoop station. Matt Saunders demonstrated some live drawing in his sketch book, doodling characters from Snappenpoop. And children even had a go at doodling the characters themselves, with some amazing results! Jeanne Willis lead a wordsearch activity to find the hidden story words, and children even helped us to tame some wild baby Snappenpoops they discovered at the table.

We closed the event with a wonderful reading of Nibbles The Book Monster from Emma Yarlett, complete with some suspicious footprints and nibbled storybooks. We hope we managed to catch him before the end of the book…however UH OH. It appears he may be on the loose. Keep an eye out for him on your bookshelves. He’s got a very big appetite.

With all of that fun, all that was left was for guests to collect their tickets and enjoy an afternoon at London’s Sealife Aquarium.

A very successful Little Tiger Summer Splash indeed!


Did you miss out on the Tiger Splash fun? Now's your chance to win a goodie bag of all of our Little Tiger Summer Splash titles, a Nibbles the Book Monster plush toy, plus our 360 Degrees Non Fiction titles and a colour changing shark drawstring bag from SquidKids.

Just answer this simple question: Paws McDraw is the Fastest Doodler in the...

a.) North
b.) South
c.) East
d.) West

Tweet us with your answer to @LittleTigerUK and tag @ConnahBrecon #TigerSplash, or simply comment below. The competition will close on Friday 8th July at 4pm, and the winner will be announced by Connah on Monday.

Good luck!

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