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Noisy Night!
Noisy Night! Noisy Night!
Noisy Night!
Illustrator: Emily Bolam

Stroke the adorable night-time animals and find the hidden sound button on every page to hear amazing night-time animal sounds. Find the gorgeous snoring bear, a twit-a-twooing owl and a howling wolf amongst the night-time friends. A lovely book for preschoolers who will enjoy finding the buttons, copying the sounds, learning animal facts and stroking the soft, furry and shiny textures throughout. Beautiful, gentle illustrations by favourite illustrator Emily Bolam make this a gorgeous book to share together. 

Also available: Noisy Pets! Noisy Farm! Noisy Jungle!
Pages: 12
Format: Novelty book  
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9781848572416
Dimensions: 216 x 246 x 25 mm

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