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Mind Your Manners
Mind Your Manners Mind Your Manners
Mind Your Manners
Author: Feronia Parker-Thomas
Author: Nicola Edwards

3+  5+  
Caterpillar Books  
It’s okay to enjoy roaring loudly. 
We all deserve some time to play. 

But all lions should practice those soft growls, 

For the quieter times of the day. 

Welcome to the jungle! It’s full of misbehaving animals, from messy monkeys to grumpy grizzly bears but with the help of our quirky, memorable rhymes and adorable animal illustrations, your child will enjoy learning why it pays for pandas to say ‘please’, and how good manners make the world go round.

Pages: 32
Format: Paperback  
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9781848578890
Tags: Animals,

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