Little Tiger's Top 10 Bee Facts
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When Britta Teckentrup’s new book BEE landed on our desks we couldn’t BEE-lieve how BEE-autiful it was (if you don’t like puns turn away now!) Britta’s new book got our minds buzzing and we discovered some amazing facts about nature’s unsung hero, the bee.

Little Tiger's Top 10 Bee Facts:

1. A hive can hold up to 80,000 bees - but just one Queen Bee.

2. Every bee in the Hive has one job to do. This could be guarding the hive entrance, pollinating plants, feeding the young and old larvae.

3. Bumblebee eggs are shaped like teeny weeny sausages.

4. Bumblebees do not produce honey, but the pollination services they perform is worth a lot more than the honey!

5. Most of the Bumblebee colony won't survive through the winter, only the new queens. (Considering how hard the bees work all year, this made us very sad!)

6. Bumblebee’s have smelly feet…it’s how they leave their scent on a flower and communicate with the other Bees.

7. Cosmos sonata are the friendliest bee plants

8. Certain flowers mayBEE inaccessible to Bees. If the petals form long thin tunnels this is too narrow for Bees to feed from.

9. Although they seem a bit scary, Bumblebee’s are not aggressive and only attack if they feel their life is threatened.

10. Bumblebees beat their wings approximately 200 times every second!

So as you can see Bee’s are very interesting creatures and sadly they are dying in unprecedented numbers with many people still unaware of the magnitude and significance of this crisis.

Through BEE, Britta Teckentrup’s stunning illustrations brings to life the journey of this miraculous insect and will entice young readers to take interest in this urgent plight!

If our post has sparked your curiousity and you are buzzing to learn more about this incredible little creature, then why not plant your own Bee world and tweet your pictures to @LittleTigerUK? Or download our free activity sheet here.

Together let’s save the Bee’s!


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